Echo Ridge Elementary

Echo Ridge Elementary is a school in the Mega Man Star Force series that students from Echo Ridge attend. Geo Stelar, Luna Platz, Bud Bison, Zack Temple, and Pat Sprigs (until Mega Man Star Force 2) are the only known attending students. Introduced in Mega Man Star Force 3, Jack joins to spy on Geo. Mr. Mitch Shepar is also the only known teacher, besides Queen Tia. In Mega Man Star Force 3, the school is also selling Mega Snacks, to which Ace becomes addicted to.

Mega Man Star Force

Echo Ridge Elementary plays a key role in Mega Man Star Force. Geo's willingness to go to school is strongly related to his mental state. After warming up to Luna, Bud and Zack (and in part just because of Luna's constant heckling,) Geo agrees to go to school as he was told he is needed as an "important role" for the school's play (said role is a tree, obligitarily.) He loses this willingness after being betrayed by Patrick Sprigs.

The school is also the place where Mega Man first uses the power of the Starforce in order to defeat a Giant Jammer, as well as the place where Libra Scales is fought.

Mega Man Star Force 3

The school again plays an important role, especially the roof, as it is the first place where Geo meets Ace, and the Science Club launch their rocket to space using Magnes (which turned into Spade Magnes because of Dealers). Also, occasionally it is mentioned there are seven wonders of Echo Ridge Elementary. There are only six, strangely. During the credits, Geo is seen looking at the sky, sitting on top of the school's roof, expecting to see his father, Kelvin Stelar, or his friend, Omega-Xis.


The exterior of the building is only visible through Vista Point. Consequently, it can not be seen in the third game, as Vista Point is no longer present.

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