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Eddie (エディ Edi), also known as Eddy and Flip-Top, is an item transportation robot that first appeared in Mega Man 4.

Eddie was created by Dr. Light to carry items for Mega Man. (According to U.S. game manuals, Dr. Light built him as his personal cybernetic suitcase.) He is equipped with a material transfer unit that allows him to relay an unlimited amount of items from Dr. Light's Laboratory, but as Dr. Wily (using Dr. Cossack) attacked during its contruction, Eddie is sent incomplete to assist Mega Man in the battle and is unable to choose items, giving them randomly. Like Rush, Eddie is equipped with a sensor that identifies Mega Man's exact location. The sensor allows him to appear by Mega Man’s side instantly whenever he is needed.[1] He has a jet engine that allows him to fly, while in Mega Man 11 he flies with a propeller.

Video Game Appearances

  • In Mega Man & Bass, Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and Mega Man 11, Eddie can be bought as an item by Mega Man in the item shop, called Eddie Call (エディコール) in such games. He costs 150, 150, 50 and 10 Screws, respectively. When the item is used, Eddie will teleport in and drop many healing items for Mega Man to pick up. This version works exactly as Rush Question from Mega Man 8.
    • Mega Man 11 also introduces an evil version of Eddie called Anti-Eddie, who was designed by Dr. Wily to fight Mega Man but instead just shows up in specific sections of some stages, steals pick-ups, and tries to run away with them.  He usually steals things like 1-Ups and large health capsules. An appearance by Anti-Eddie does not always imply a pick-up will appear however, as more often than not there will be no item at all.

Cameos and Minor Appearances:

  • In Mega Man: Battle & Chase, Eddie appears only in the loading screen together with Auto, both racing on cars. Player 2 can make Eddie's car move faster.
  • In Otoranger, the Fever attack of the good Mega Man characters is a combination of Eddie, Rush, Beat, and Tango named Right Great.


Mega Man & Bass CD data


Rockman Complete Works data

Dr.ワイリーとの戦いにそなえライト博士が開発したアイテム運びロボット。 開発終了間際にDr.ワイリーが攻めてきたので未完成のまま出動した。

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Trophy

This support robot first appeared in Mega Man 4. He'd pop up every now and then, flip his head open, and reveal a helpful item. The item is picked by random, but... hey, at least he's offering to help! In Mega Man 7, there's a giant spaceship modeled after him called Big Eddie, where Mega Man can trade for items.

Other Media

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)


Eddie in the Mega Man animated series

"Don't forget your energy cans, MegaMan"
―Eddie, Episode 1: The Beginning

Eddie has several appearances in Ruby Spear's Mega Man animated series, where he was voiced by Scott McNeil. His main role is to give Energy Cans to Mega Man when his energy is low, being able to store up to five of them in his head at once. In the cartoon, Eddie's color scheme was changed from red to green and he also received a small height increase in addition to a more conical-shaped head.

Mega Man: Upon a Star

Eddie is a video game character that comes out from the TV a few times to help Mega Man recover.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Eddie first appeared in one panel from issue 20. In the Worlds Collide crossover he supplied Mega Man with a replacement chip for his Mega Buster (as Sonic had used his super-speed to steal the chip from him to disable his weapon), as well as an Energy Tank to refill his reserves before resuming his match with Sonic in his dimension.

Eddie eventually made his formal debut in issue 37, where he was seen being worked on by Auto while Dr. Wily was privately admitting that he was luring Mega Man and company into a trap. Eddie is completed and activated in issue 53, just in time to assist Mega Man against Dr. Cossack and his robots.

Mega Man (Dreamwave Productions)

Eddie only appeared in two panels, the first being inside Dr. Light's limousine in the first issue, and the second being worked on by Dr. Light in the fourth issue, where Light mentions that the robot will be able to "make the finest coffee this side of Seattle".

Mega Man Megamix

Eddie doesn't have an active role in the manga, usually only having minor appearances. He was created by Dr. Light as an item transport robot to assist Mega Man, but as he was rushed out to assist him in a time of need, his Item Selection function is not as refined as it could have been. Still, Eddie manages to play an important role outside of battle as well by acting as a rice cooker for Dr. Light's household. He transmitted to Dr. Light the events that Tango observed in "The Strongest Enemy to Date", Light not knowing who sent the footage.

Mega Man Through the Ages

Eddie appears under the 1992 banner, where he provides Mega Man with a 30th Icon containing key art and footage for Mega Man 5.

Other Appearances

Eddie also appeared in the Rockman manga series, Rockman 8, Rockman & Forte, and Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin. In most of those, Eddie has a very small role or a brief appearance, the shortest being in only one panel from the Rockman & Forte manga, where Roll uses him as a rice cooker.



  • In the Ruby-Spears cartoon, Eddie's voice is nearly identical to that of Waspinator of Beast Wars, another character voiced by Scott McNeil. At one point in episode 1, he even speaks in third-person while Mega Man is being repaired, a common trait of Waspinator's dialogue.

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