"This punch can pierce enemies and objects, but can be stubborn."
―In-game text, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Egoistic Pill (エゴイスティックピル Egoisutikku Piru) is an Arm-type rocket punch weapon that Vile obtains by defeating Spark Mandrill and Armored Armadillo in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. This weapon, like Distance Needler, has penetration capabilities: it goes straight through enemies, walls, and virtually everything else, until it reaches its peak range and returns. It flies out and then returns, and the player can only have one on the screen at once, which limits its rate of fire. Egoistic Pill inflicts medium damage and the range is almost a full screen's width.

Egoistic Pill is Armored Armadillo's weakness.

Defeating Armored Armadillo and Spark Mandrill will Vile not only be rewarded with Egoistic Pill, but he will also be rewarded with Peace Out Roller as well.

Damage data chart

Damage values in units for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

MHX-Icon-Vile-Arm-EgoisticPill.png Egoistic Pill
Boss Damage
X 8
Chill Penguin 3
Spark Mandrill 3
Armored Armadillo 8
Launch Octopus 3
Boomerang Kuwanger 3
Sting Chameleon 3
Storm Eagle 3
Flame Mammoth 3
Bosspider 3
Rangda Bangda 3
X 2*
Zero 2
  • Any damage value marked with a "*" means that the weapon will cause a weakness reaction for that boss.
    • In X's case, in his second encounter in Sigma Palace, any damage entries marked with a "*" will break through his Rolling Shield.



  • "Egoistic" means someone who is overly arrogant or self-absorbed, such as Vile himself. "Pill" refers to the round shape of Vile's forearm and is also slang for an unpleasant person.