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The Eight Gentle Judges (八審官 Hachishinkan, roughly "Eight Government Judges") are eight Mutos Reploids and judges from Neo Arcadia that decided with X if a Reploid called into question is a Maverick. Dr. Weil brainwashed and modified them to serve him, as the Weil Numbers (バイルナンバーズ Bairu Nanbāzu, Vile's Numbers in Japan), the eight bosses from Mega Man Zero 3.

As shown in Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Telos, the eight were originally very gentle, respected the Four Guardians, and had doubts about X's recent decisions to consider Reploids as Mavericks. After Weil's remodelling, they became aggressive, telling Sage Harpuia to remove the "junk" (the injured Fairy Leviathan and Fighting Fefnir) from a room to be used by Weil. They operate the Central Convergence of Neo Arcadia to eliminate those who oppose Dr. Weil. Each of them has a "Judge" and "Punishment" form.

They also made a very brief appearance in Mega Man Zero 4 as illusions summoned by Dr. Weil when he merged with Ragnarok to battle with Zero, and half of them appear as bosses in Mega Man ZX.


Screaming Interrogation

Sighing Torture

Hopeless Judgement

  • Dark Judge (Chief Judge) Tretista Kelverian: Last member and perhaps the strongest (also the largest) of the Eight Gentle Judges. Boss of the Giant Elevator stage. Defeating him in A or S rank gives Zero the Gale Attack (Reppuugeki) ability.


  • When Dr. Weil summons them in Mega Man Zero 4, the order that the Judges appear in matches that of the order they are fought in Zero 3.
  • Interestingly when scanning the judges during their bonus fights in Area N, Their original "Judge" forms appear in the scan rather then their "Punishment" forms.