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ElecMan (エレキマン Erekiman) is the NetNavi of Count Zap and former antagonist in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. A member of the WWW with his fellow Navis WackoMan, TorchMan, and MagicMan, ElecMan helped cause chaos and confusion in society until the downfall of the criminal organization. Since then, ElecMan has remained loyal to Zap as the two become more friendly to their former enemies Lan Hikari and MegaMan, and has even aided the two take down Grave, though much of this is due to the involvement of Zap's bother, Gauss Magnus, of whom Zap shows a great dislike of.


ElecMan is a confident and loyal Navi, serving Count Zap as he causes chaos around the net as a WWW agent. Though at first he was agitated about spending time with and helping out his former enemies Lan and MegaMan after the defeat of the WWW (like the other WWW Navis), ElecMan eventually opens up and becomes friends with them, and aids them on several occasions, even sacrificing himself to help MegaMan defeat MagnetMan when the latter gets the upper hand on the two. Near the end of the series, Ann Elecitel, Count Zap's wife, confiscates ElecMan from Zap and uses him to battle MegaMan and TomahawkMan, which ElecMan is apologetic about as he cannot control himself, and later the two later team up to take down a Thunder Dragon, and arm-wrestle handshake afterward, signifying that the two have reconciled and no longer have any hostility towards one another.


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He appears in episode 46.

Rockman.EXE Beast+



ElecMan using Electric Blaze against MegaMan.

Electric Blaze, known as Lightning Breath (ライトニングブレス Raitoningu Buresu) in Japan:

ElecMan using Lightning Burst against ProtoMan.

Lightning Burst, known as Light Burst (ライトバースト Raito Bāsuto) in Japan:

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