Electopia, known as Nihon[1] (ニホン) in Japan, is Lan Hikari's home country during the Mega Man Battle Network series and Geo Stelar's during the Mega Man Star Force series. Electopia is a very powerful nation and is very technologically advanced. It is the series' equivalent to Japan.

Notable locations

Mega Man Battle Network

Mega Man Star Force



  • Many locations in Electopia are based on real life Japan.
  • Electopia may be a combination of electricity and utopia.
  • While the Japanese name, Nihon, means Japan, it is written differently ニホン (in katakana) than it is traditionally done. Nihon is usually formally written as 日本 (in kanji) or にほん (in hiragana). Additionally, spelling use of Nihon or Nippon for the real Japan has been a point of discussion [4].


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