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"We're about PROTECTING the people from themselves. We're still gonna destroy the robots, but don't forget the big picture, man. We're here to change MINDS."
―Harvey explaining the Organization to Xander, Mega Man Issue 13 (Archie Comics)

Rock tricking two members of the Emerald Spears.

Emerald Spears is a terrorist organization from the Mega Man comic book series by Archie Comics introduced in issue 13, in the fourth story arc, Spiritus Ex Machina.


The Emerald Spears is a group of anti-technology extremists that want to rid the world of advanced robotics. Their first act was to invade the A.R.T.S. Convention and hold Drs. Light, Cossack, Lalinde and all robots present hostage, and planting bombs around the convention to destroy the robots. Mega Man, with Rush, Elec Man, Pharaoh Man, and Quake Woman, managed to disable most bombs before they exploded. Except for Xander, Theo and Simone, all members are captured in the end of the story arc.

In issue 21, Xander, Theo and Simone attempt another bombing, but they are captured by Mega Man and the federal agents Gilbert D. Stern and Roslyn Krantz.

Emerald Spears endured throughout the next century, having become a cult by 21XX. Like in the past, it contained exclusively-human membership, meaning that they weren't on the priority list of crimes that the Reploid-based Maverick Hunters investigate, although they can get involved if a Hunter was in the area when they conduct crimes. Two of the Spears attempted to destroy X, but failed and captured by X and Zero as seen in Issue 37. After learning of their history and motives from Zero, X became disturbed due to the implications that some sort of disaster happened in the past that was similar to the Maverick outbreaks that plagued his present.

Known Members

  • Harvey Greenleaf - The former activist leader. He tries to convince the three doctors to change their mind about advanced robotics before destroying the robots, planning to talk with them for hours until Xander impatiently knocks him out with a kick to the head and takes over as leader, since Harvey was losing the debate. Upon arrest, he explained what little he knew about Xander Payne's activities. According to Stern, Harvey was a hippie before becoming the figurehead leader of the terrorist group.
  • Xander Payne - Former second-in-command and current leader.
  • Theo Payne - Xander's loyal younger brother.
  • Simone Miller - Theo's girlfriend, a woman that knows Roslyn Krantz. She had formerly been a member of the same academy as Krantz, but she dropped out and went into hiding after she had done something bad that required Krantz to report her.
  • At least 20 members with unknown names in 20XX.[1]
  • At least 2 members in 21XX.


  • The name Emerald Spears is a nod to Ruby-Spears, the company that produced the Mega Man animated series.
  • It can be said that just as the Mavericks (extremist Reploids) want the eradication of all humans, the Emerald Spears (extremist humans) want the eradication of all machines (Robot Masters and later Reploids).


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