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End City

End City

End City (エンドシティ Endo Shiti) is a historical location that appears in Mega Man Battle Network 5. There are shops that sell souvenirs, dumplings (dango), and cookies (manjū). There is a statue with a security camera that leads to End Area 2, and near it there is a man that sells the Sub Chips Full Energy, Unlocker, and Lock Enemy.

It is most famous for the Gargoyle Castle (シャチホコ城 Shachihoko Castle in Japan) built around 300 years ago with two giant shachihokos on the top of the Castle Exterior ("Castle Ext"). It contains two rooms with different exhibitions: Mum Room with ancient samurai armors, and Lily Room with katanas and a samurai hologram. The Castle Keep contains fusumas and a decoration that contains the castle's homepage. When the castle is closed down, Lan Hikari must obtain the armor, helmet, and katana data for the samurai hologram to open the door in the first floor, and defeat 100 robot warriors in a mini game to open the path blocked by a Buddha statue.


  • Sub Memory (Mixed with the pamphlets in the entrance of Gargoyle Castle)
  • HP Memory (hidden in the left Gargoyle)
  • Old Key and Text Data (Key Items hidden in the eye of the right Gargoyle)
  • Xfolder (woman in Lily Room)


End Area

End Area (エンドエリア) is the network system for End City. There are two Liberation Missions in this area. The first involves Dark MegaMan and the second involves CosmoMan.EXE. It is large, consisting of 5 sections. It borders on the Undernet and is an important strategic point for Team Colonel or Team ProtoMan.

Dumpling Computer

The Dumpling Computer (だんごやの電脳 Dango-ya no Den'nō, "Dango Shop's Computer") "DumplingComp" is the cyberspace from the dumpling shop's cooker. Due to this, it mainly contains fire viruses and lava panels.

Mystery Data:


Armor Computer

Armor Computer (ヨロイの電脳 Yoroi no Den'nō, "ArmorComp") is the cyberspace from a patched samurai armor from Gargoyle Castle.

Mystery Data:


Helmet Computer

Helmet Computer (カブトの電脳 Kabuto no Den'nō, "HelmetComp") is the cyberspace from a customized battle helmet in Gargoyle Castle. Later in the game a NetNavi will appear looking for an Anti Damage F Battle Chip, and he will trade an Anti Damage Navi Customizer program for it. The viruses from this area are the same from ArmorComp and KatanaComp.

Mystery Data:

Katana Computer

Katana Computer (カタナの電脳 Katana no Den'nō, "KatanaComp") is located in the hilt of a katana from Gargoyle Castle. The viruses from this area are the same from ArmorComp and HelmetComp.

Mystery Data:

  • HP Memory

Wind God Computer

The Wind God Computer ("WindGodComp") is located in a security camera hidden in a fusuma door painting from the Castle Keep.

Mystery Data:


Gargoyle Castle HP

Gargoyle Castle HP (シャチホコ城のHP Shachihoko Shiro no HP, "GargCastleHP") is the homepage of Gargoyle Castle, located in a decoration in the Castle Keep. It has an Official Battle Bulletin Board and connects to End Area 3. MegaMan can talk with a Mr. Prog to create a shortcut to Lan's HP with the Gargoyle Castle Banner.


Gargoyle Computer

Main article: Gargoyle Computer

Gargoyle Computer (シャチホコの電脳 Shachihoko no Den'nō, "GargoylComp") is the cyberspace from one of the gargoyle statues in Gargoyle Castle. It is divided in four areas filled with security devices and traps that can only be disabled with ninja Mr. Progs.

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