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Enemice-Hyper Limited (エナミス ハイパーリミテッドEnamisu Haipārimiteddo, literally Enamis Hyper Limited) or just Enemice-HL, is the main antagonist of Mega Mission 3. He is the last and most powerful Order Breaker, created by Tackione prior to his death. He is the leader of the Masquerades.


Enemice was left unfinished by Tackione, and as such, his body looks very mechanical, clunky, and unfinished, with pistons and large gears in his design, and the lower half of his face covered by a jaw plate. His arms are equipped with charged particle cannons, and can also deliver a devastating drill punch called the Piston Knuckle.

As he was made by Tackione, he is also very intelligent and possesses his maker's scientific knowledge.


Before his death, Tackione had been working on constructing Enemice, the most powerful Order Breaker. He was left incomplete, but thanks to the constant evolution of Limited his body was able to finish constructing itself. He appears as the ringleader of the Masquerades, appearing after Return X turns on them in his bid to have his one on one match with X, uninterrupted. He shoots Return X from behind, demanding to know why he attacked those who are supposed to be his allies. Return X responds his sole reason for being is to defeat X, and joins his energy with X and Zero to fight him, giving them the X Armors.

Enemice responds by combining the Masquerades to create Mix Forte, but the Maverick is defeated and Enemice attacks X in his regular form, only to be defeated again by Zero, whom he had turned his back on. Still unwilling to give up, Enemice reveals the Sigma Chip and installs it in an attempt to gain Sigma's power; however, Sigma's indomitable will erases Enemice's mind and replaces it, turning Enemice into Sigma Limited.

Notes and Trivia

  • Enemice's design looks far more mechanical and primitive than other characters in the franchise, mostly due to his unfinished nature.