Enemy of my Enemy is the forty-third episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged. It will air on Cartoon Network in April 14, 2019.


When a grudge match between Fire Man and Namagem threatens to level Silicon City, Mega Man must intervene and ultimately choose a side to prevent collateral damage.


Megaman and Dr.Light are in the lab investigating Namagem triying to find a clue of his identity and origin. while that Fire-man and Namagem Start a grudge and St.Night make they have math to deside who of the two remains in his side. They start a battle over all the city causin collateral destruction, this detonate a aalarm and Megaman arrive to stop them but barely can minize the damage to de city. The fight make they go until the forest, were Megaman And Mini decide Help Fire Man tto end the battle, in this moment Namagem is near to finish Fire man, Aki Save him and the two join forces to defeat Namagen making his buster go overheat with Fireman powers(both of them) and trap him in a fire twister(using Fireman flame towers and Air Man's schemathics). Fire Man want destroy Namagem but Aki convince him of no do it, offering him a second chance, but Namagem use this to atack Fire Man in from the Back cause him a heavy damage and left.

Major events

  • Fire Man left the side of Lord Obsidian
  • Fire Man receives heavy Damage from Namagem and is incapacitated requiring major repairs.


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