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Crystal Snail's stage

Energen Crystal Stage (エネルゲン水晶ステージ) is Crystal Snail's stage from Mega Man X2. Its sub-boss is Magna Quartz. This is a mine stage, similar to Armored Armadillo's stage, and Tunnel Rhino's.

This is considered the "ice" stage in Mega Man X2 even though it's not really ice. This stage contains a Heart Tank (hop down the first hole and use Speed Burner, Strike Chain, or the Ride Armor to reach it), a capsule (after Magna Quartz, scale the left wall of the giant pit, and head left). Obviously, it also has an X-Hunter shutter (pick up the Ride Armor, then dash and fly from the spikes, break the blocks, and then use the floating walls to get to the ladder).


  • Heart Tank (x1)
  • Large energy capsule (x3)
  • Large weapon energy capsule (x1)
  • Small energy capsule (x1)
  • 1-Up (x2)

Stage enemies


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