The Enigma cannon.

Enigma (エニグマ) is an old cannon located in the Maverick Hunter's base that appears in Mega Man X5.

To stop the descent of the space colony Eurasia, X and Zero are sent by Signas to retrieve four devices in the possession of Mavericks that can improve the Enigma, increasing its chances of successfully destroying Eurasia. If the Enigma is not able to destroy Eurasia, the Hunters will use a Space Shuttle as last resort. The prologue for Mega Man X6 suggests that the Enigma failed to destroy Eurasia, and the shuttle plan was enacted instead.


Part Obtained from Function
Crystal Ball
(オリハルコン, Orichalcum)
Crescent Grizzly
(Grizzly Slash)
Lets the cannon focus its energy to increase its striking ability.
Laser Device
Shining Firefly
(Izzy Glow)
Adds strength to the Enigma's main firing engine.
Energy Cart
Volt Kraken
(Squid Adler)
Provides power for the cannon.
Tidal Whale
(Duff McWhalen)
Obtained from the ocean water; used to fuel the Enigma via nuclear fission.



  • The Enigma appears in the background of the first battle against Dynamo if it has not fired yet.
  • A cannon in the background of Web Spider's boss fight in Mega Man X4 bears resemblance to the Enigma.
  • The Crystal Ball was mistranslated as "Orifalcon" in the English instruction manual, and misspelled "Cristal Ball" in the game. The typo was fixed in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2.
  • The RNG roll for the Enigma's (or the shuttle's) success chance is constantly changing during gameplay, apparently stopping when the Results Screen is called up after a boss battle. i.e. If emulating, a save state before the final shot in the preceding fight will be far back enough for a re-roll. The demonstration on the title screen also counts, and it can be used to manipulate the success rate in the PlayStation version.[1]


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