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Enkoujin (焔降刃 "Blaze Dropping Blade") is the technique that Zero and Layer obtain after defeating Burn Rooster in Mega Man X8. It is a flaming straight downward plunging stab that tints the current weapon red, burning enemies on contact. This move cannot be aimed while performing as it hits straight downward.


When Zero or Layer are equipped with the K Knuckle, Enkoujin becomes Enkoukyaku (焔降脚 "Blaze Dropping Leg"), a descending, fire-element diagonal kick that burns enemies upon contact.




Zero's unnamed flaming kick

  • In Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Zero uses an unnamed flame kick similar to the Enkoukyaku when fought by Vile in Vile Mode.
    • Both, the flame kick and the Enkoukyaku have the same pose as the move Tenmakujinkyaku (天魔空刃脚 Tenma Kuujinkyaku, "Sky Demon Air Blade Leg"), a signature move of Akuma from the Street Fighter series.
  • One of Magma Dragoon's moves, Kyuukouka (急降下 "Nosedive"), is similar to the Enkoukyaku and Tenmakujinkyaku.

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