Robosaur Park is the tenth episode of Ruby Spears' Mega Man.



Mega Man de-evolves

A new theme park has opened called Robosaur Park and Dr. Light helped construct the robo-dinosaurs. But, Dr. Wily's robots gained easy access thanks to the crooked operator of the park and reprogrammed the dinos to go on a rampage. Then Dr. Wily releases a serum that is meant to transform robots into primates...and Mega Man, Roll and Rush catch it. If a cure is not delivered soon, Mega Man will become Mega Caveman!...

Robot Master Appearances: Toad Man

Fun Facts


Guts Man and Proto Man ride on some Robosaurs

  • This episode is partially a parody of the popular Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park, which hit theaters just before this episode aired.
  • On the back of the first season DVD box set and on the menu screen, the title of this episode is misspelled as Robosaro Park.


Proto Man: "Give me that, you robo-twits!"

Cut Man:(After Rush ties up one of the Robosaurs with a fire hose) "Nice try, Mega-jerk, but this robo-rex will tear that hose to shreds!"

Proto Man: "Whatever turns you on, Wily."

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