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Mega Man takes it easy with students at Dr. Light's college

Campus Commandos is the 14th episode from Ruby-Spears' Mega Man animated series. The episode was written by Michael Maurer.


Dr. Light has opened a college campus for robots so they can learn useful techniques. They are also helping him build his latest creation called The Anti-Gravity Vortex. Dr. Wily hears all about it and decides to infiltrate the campus and not only use the new creation for his own evil deeds, but to also reprogram all of the students to serve as his slaves. Only Mega Man, Roll and a few other robo-students escape and now have to take back the college from Wily before it's too late.

Robot Master Appearances: Snake Man, Top Man



  • This was the second season premiere.
  • Due to the subject matter of this episode, there are implications made that perhaps, in this universe, some robots would want to learn things progressively like humans do, so that they could (in some way) be more human-like.
  • Mega Man uses his stealth suit again in this episode. Roll also uses it to defeat Top Man.
  • When Guts Man and Cut Man take over the kitchen in the college, instead of throwing Chef Bot into a cabinet, they throw Top Man.
  • Eddie looks just like a green Metool when seen in overhead view, due to his design in the series.
  • In the beginning, the Cheer Bots are missing when they are holding hands, but then appeared in the air.
  • Snake Man's right hand appeared bare in a few scenes. Then his face became pale by the middle scene.
  • The mayor is voiced by a different person (McNeil) despite the script and animation indicating that it's the same person and even his regular voice actor (Chalk) being a part of the episode. This would be repeated for Mega Dreams.
  • The song played during the credits is "Sinnerman" by Extra Fancy, which is also played during the credits for "Master of Disaster". Being that the episode premiered in 1995, this is where the song made its debut since the re-release of Extra Fancy's album of the same name which featured this song was not released until May of 1996, and it was not released as an official single until that point in time either.


Dr. Wily: "Agh! Mega Man! That's my building! Give it back!"

Top Man: (picking up a notebook that Roll dropped) "Allow me the honor of returning a book to the prettiest robo-girl on campus. Name's Top Man, but you can call me Toppy!"
Roll: "Hi, Toppy! My name is Roll! But you can call me... anytime!"

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