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Lotos, the evil genie

Master of Disaster is the 20th episode from the Ruby Spears' Mega Man cartoon.


On an expedition, Dr. Light and a Professor who specializes in ancient history study cryptic writings in a cave. This reveals that long ago, an evil genie named Lotos once existed.

Dr. Wily found out about this and discovered Lotos' buried chest in an abandoned, lost city and frees him. Mega Man and Roll just barely escape the genie's magic (which consisted of making trees come to life) and Dr. Wily takes Lotos with him and conquers New York City with his help.

This is without a doubt one of Mega Man's most challenging (and most bizarre) battles yet.

Robot Master Appearances: Drill Man, Gravity Man


Fun Facts

  • This episode marks the first appearances of the Land Blazer vehicle and Mega Man's stealth suit. Both were expected to be produced into toys, until CAPCOM made the decision to drop the show.
  • After he grabs the tablets, Cut Man somehow manages to pull off a smile, despite having no lips.

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