To the dismay of the robots, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily are transformed into Lion creatures.

Curse of The Lion Men is the 22nd episode from the Ruby-Spears' Mega Man cartoon. The episode was written by Gary Greenfield.


When Dr. Wily's robots are sent out to investigate the crash site of a comet, they inadvertently stumble upon a group of humanoid lion creatures, which proceed to go around turning other humans into lion creatures. When Mega Man enters battle with them, things go from bad-enough-already to even-worse-than-imagined when Dr. Wily makes a truce with Tar, the leader of the Lion Men. Then, after Wily's robots capture Dr. Light and Roll, Tar transforms both Light and Dr. Wily into lion men and uses Wily's own reprogramming ray to reprogram Roll, Proto Man and the Robot Masters. That means Mega Man and Rush are all alone in this battle

Robot Master appearances: Star Man, Bright ManGuts Man, Cut Man



  • This episode is easily regarded as the worst and most infamous episode in the series, due to its ridiculous premise and its substantial drop in the quality of the animation.
    • This was given a nod in the fifty-third issue of the Mega Man series by Archie comics, where Mega Man upon watching it expresses distaste for the episode and ponders that he really needs to monitor the quality control of his offshoots.
  • This marks the last debut of a Robot Master from Mega Man 5 as Charge Man and Napalm Man didn't appear in any episodes (though the latter frequently appeared in the opening theme).
  • Tar's name and appearance is an allusion to Scar, the main villain of The Lion King (minus the eponymous scar).


Mega Man: Should've known. It's a blast-proof net!
Rush: *gulp* Oh no, blast-proof! Oh, big trouble, big trouble!

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