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Brain Bot

Brain Bots is the 23rd episode from the Ruby Spears' Mega Man cartoon.


Dr. Light has created a super-intelligent robot named Brain Bot. Brain Bot has a knack for tinkering with things, inspecting them and repairing them even though there is nothing wrong in the first place. Unfortunately for Mega Man, Roll and Rush, they have to personally transport him to California. Even worse news is that Dr. Wily's satellite picks them up on their way. Mega Man is successfully able to repel Wily's robots, but Brain Bot gets captured anyway. Now Mega Man has to rescue his new incredibly intelligent (but painfully annoying) friend from Dr. Wily before the madman is able to use Brain Bot's own cyber brain for his own evil purposes.

Robot Master Appearances: Dark Man, Snake Man



  • After one of Mega Man's blasts (when he stops the spikes from lowering), he makes a reference to Minnesota Fatts. Minnesota Fatts was actually a famous pool player.
  • Brain Bot has a resemblance to Quint. His design is similar to Mega Man; however, he is green and has glasses.

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