Mega Man and ProtoMan appear to be reunited at last

Bro Bots is the 24th episode from the Ruby Spears' Mega Man cartoon. The episode was written by Evelyn Gabai.


It's election week. During a parade for candidate Mitchell Deacon, Dr. Wily's robots launch an attack. When Mega Man enters the battle, Proto Man turns on his fellow bad bots and joins his brother, assisting him in fighting them off. While Mega is skeptical, everybody welcomes back Proto Man with open arms.

Things aren't what they appear to be however, as it is just another elaborate plan of Dr. Wily's. Proto Man's true intent is to implant a scrambler chip on his brother to keep him out of the way of Wily's plan to replace Deacon and the city officials with exact robot duplicates.

When Proto Man implants the scrambler chip onto his brother, Mega Man reveals a painful secret that baffles Proto Man. This could be Mega Man's toughest challenge (physically or emotionally) ever.

Robot Master Appearances: Cut Man, Guts ManElec Man, Needle Man, Heat Man, Bright Man

Fun Facts


This is about to get ugly

  • This episode marked the final appearances of Elec Man and Bright Man.
  • This episode also marked the only appearances of Heat Man and Needle Man.
  • This is the last episode to mark the debut of a Robot Master from Mega Man 2 as neither Flash Man nor Bubble Man appeared in the series.
  • Jim Byrnes also did the voice of Mitchell Deacon in this episode. (Listen carefully to his voice and Dr. Light's voice.)

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