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Bad Day at Peril Park is the 25th episode from the Mega Man animated series.


A young boy named Bobby is running away from a group of robots who are trying to kidnap him. However, these aren't normal robots. These are really humans that have been converted into robots. After Mega Man saves him, Bobby tells him that there's something odd going on at the new amusement park "Fun World". The owner of the park is really Dr. Wily and he is capturing humans and hypnotizing them to make them think they are robots.

Mega Man, Roll, Rush and Dr. Light make their way through the park and encounter Wily's robot masters along the way. But, Mega Man doesn't plan on letting them stop him from shutting down Wily's dangerous theme park.

Robot Master Appearances: Cut Man, Guts ManHard ManRing Man




Guts Man's rear end, an internet meme, originated in this episode.

  • As of this episode, all of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 3 made an appearance in the series due to Hard Man appearing here.
  • At the end of the episode, Bobby's Mom still has her armor on.
  • The Air Raider vehicle returns, using its Dr. Wily purple paint scheme from the first episode.
  • Mega Man wears his Marine Suit late in the episode.
  • Bobby is voiced by Christopher Turner, known for his work in Ronin Warriors and Sonic Christmas Blast, who went uncredited due to the lack of an updated credits set for this season.
  • This episode started several Internet jokes involving Guts Man's rear end (Guts Man's ass). Here are two videos from YouTube that use this: [1] [2]
  • The song played at the end of this episode is "Take Cover" by Mr. Big, and was a big hit in certain countries, and even went to #1 in some of them, including Japan.
  • The human-robots bear a passing resemblance to Bad Box Art Mega Man.

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