Mega Man and Rush in the time machine

Future Shock is an episode from the Mega Man animated series. The episode was written by Michael Maurer.



A Dr. Wily-created cop bot corners young Annie and her Uncle "Jet" in the corrupt future

Dr. Light has created a time machine, but Dr. Wily has learned about it and plans on taking it for himself, attacking his laboratory. Mega Man stops Wily's robots, and as Wily wasn't manage to obtain the time machine, he decides to destroy it. Mega Man pushes Light into the machine and sent him one minute into the future (or so he thinks) to save him from getting hurt in the scuffle. But when the time machine returns, Dr. Light is missing. Not knowing that Dr. Light had fallen from the machine before it traveled, Mega Man and Rush jump into the future to search for Dr. Light and arrive 30 years into the future. Because Mega Man wasn't around for all these years, Dr. Wily took over the world, and during his search for Dr. Light, the time machine is taken by Wily's robots.

Now Mega Man has to save Roll and an aged Dr. Light held in a Wily-owned prison and find a way to get back to the past, with his only help coming from a young girl and her uncle.

Robot Master Appearances: Metal Man, Cut Man, Guts Man

Fun Facts


Roll gets her ponytail chopped in the future

  • In the future Mega Man has a comic book called "The Adventures of Mega Man". Coincidentally, there is a Brazilian comic Novas Aventuras de Megaman (New Adventures of Mega Man).
  • Mega Man says Roll's favorite video game is "Sky Blasters" and her favorite rock band is "Captain Fallout and the Adam Smashers".
  • Annie and her uncle Jet are voiced by Kaitlyn Stewart and Michael Donovan, respectively.
  • Cut Man's kung fu line led to the creation of the somewhat popular YouTube video "Kung Fu Cutman!" by Deepercutt.


Cut Man: "Let's see how you do against kung fu Cut Man! Hyah!"
Roll: "This one is mine!"
(Cut Man cuts Roll's ponytail)
Roll: "Nobody gives me a bad haircut! You're toast mister!" (uses a toaster to defeat Cut Man)

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