Reploids affected by the Erasure.

Erasure (イレイズ Ireizu) is the removal of a Reploid's DNA Soul, although the term was coined to describe the phenomenon of a Reploid becoming completely inert.


Victims of Erasure simply stop moving, as if they had become hollow shells. Although the process of removing a DNA Soul is undescribed, it seems to wipe out all operating data, including security programs,[1] without inflicting physical damage on the Reploid's body. All this data is contained in the Reploid's DNA Soul, which is capable of returning to its rightful body if left uncontained.


Mega Man Xtreme 2

The self-entitled "Soul Erasers" Berkana and Gareth harvest the DNA Souls of several Reploids to increase their own power. They are stopped by X and Zero, and the stolen DNA Souls are returned to their original bodies.


  • When Isoc's lifeless body is discovered by X in Mega Man X6, Alia compares it to the Erasure incident.


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