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MegaMan's shades in Mega Man Legends

"You can judge a man by his actions... People who engage in evil deeds will reveal themselves through their appearance, which will darken and become distorted, a reflection of their inner selves."
Library book about ethics, Mega Man Legends

Ethics (unofficial name[note 1]), also known as notoriety and favor system (favorability system),[note 2] is a gameplay mechanic from Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2. Depending of the player's actions, MegaMan Volnutt may be considered a good or bad person, affecting his popularity and the shading of his armor. MegaMan starts with a neutral morality in both games.

Mega Man Legends


The initial value of the ethics is 128. MegaMan becomes bad when it gets to 64 or lower, and his armor becomes darker when it is 32 or lower. The minimum value is 0, and the maximum is 255.

Action Value
Damage Kattelox TV's airship during the "Defend City Hall!" mission -64
Complete the "Defend City Hall!" mission without letting the City Hall building be destroyed +20
Talk with Amelia and Barrell after defeating Marlwolf +20
Obtain the Yellow Refractor in the Cardon Forest ruins +24
Obtain the Red Refractor in the Lake Jyun ruins +24
Defeat Theodore Bruno +24
Library repair completed thanks to MegaMan's donation +24
City Hall building repair completed thanks to MegaMan's donation +24
Police station repair completed thanks to MegaMan's donation +24
Bank repair completed thanks to MegaMan's donation +24
Visit Ira after improving the Hospital +48
Help the museum's curator finish her painting +24
Donate an object to the museum +8
Help the Inspector find and defuse the bombs +48
Help the Inspector, but one or both bombs explode -24
Assist the police by finding the lost bag +48
Hit the police car during the car chase -1 for each time they complain
Return the money trunk in the car chase +48
Keep the money trunk -256
Kick a vending machine -2 (free drink)
0 (breaking)
-8 (exploding)
Kick the empty can in Apple Market inside Jetlag Bakery -8
Kick Paprika (Japanese version only) -24
Kick a cat (Japanese version only) -1
Shot down a bird (Japanese version only) -10


  • In the optional mission to assist the police recover the money stolen by Servbots, MegaMan can choose to return or keep the trunk. If he returns the trunk, the ethics value increases, MegaMan gains 20000 Zenny, and the Stripe Burger will open in Downtown. If he keeps the trunk, he will gain one million Zenny, but the ethics value will drop to 0 and the Stripe Burger will not appear. Either way, it is later discovered that it was a mistake and the money was not stolen, but borrowed by the Servbots to start a business. Returning the money gives them a chance to start a honest business, while taking it will leave them with a big debt.
  • In the Japanese version, if Paprika is kicked it will be sad and dislike MegaMan. If MegaMan doesn't kick Paprika (the only option in English), it will be happy and energetic.

Mega Man Legends 2

MegaMan's shades in Mega Man Legends 2

This mechanic is brought back in Mega Man Legends 2, this time, however, Mega Man can also turn into a lighter shade by doing various good deeds. Most of these actions are repeatable, so one can have the opportunity of being both Good and Bad in a single playthrough.


The initial value of the ethics is 0. MegaMan becomes bad when it gets to -16384 or lower, and he becomes good when it gets to +16384 or higher.

Action Value
Make a 100z donation to the church +4
Make a 10,000z donation to the church +50
Make a 50,000z donation to the church +400
Make a 300,000z donation to the church +4000
Make a 1,000,000z donation to the church +20000
Obtain the A Rank Digger License +3000
Obtain the S Rank Digger License +8000
Make a donation to repair the damage caused by Jagd Krabbe +8000
Give Shu the Notes, Pencil and Textbook in Kito Village +5000
Give the Cute Piggy to the girl in Ruminoa City +1500
Make a donation to Repair the statue of Kimotoma City destroyed in the Blitzkrieg fight +3000
Kick the snowman and its bucket in Yosyonke City -8 (with an additional -8 for each time the bucket bounces a surface)
Kick the empty can in Yosyonke City -16
Make the empty can fall inside a waste container Undoes the decreases made by previous can kicks from the can's starting point in the area.
Run over or attack a rabbit in the Calinca Tundra
(Throwing the rabbit won't cause deductions, even if it hits a Reaverbot, but throwing one rabbit on other will count as an attack to the one hit)
Get the Reaverbot Claw from the Yosyonke Junk Shop -1000
Hit Johnny during the Nino Island mission -10000
Hit a cannon in the Nino Island missions -1500
Take down Skovorodá -
Kick a pig -300
Attack Appo and Dah -500
Attack Shu -500
Purchase the Reaverbot Eye from the Shady Dealer -5000


  • MegaMan's behavior affects what people think about him.
    • His behavior also affect the prices in shops, being lower if he is good and higher if he is bad.
  • If MegaMan is good, he will be able to understand the animals in Manda Island.

Appearances in other video games

Mega Man X DiVE

MegaMan Volnutt Alt. from Rockman X DiVE

In Rockman X DiVE, this mechanic is brought up on the event "Maleficent Hero", in where the Player is tasked with stealing money from cars, vending machines and boxes, while the Player's Hunter Program gets progressively darker.

The bad MegaMan Volnutt also appears as a Hunter Program with the money trunk from the first game, using it as a weapon in one of his skills. This form is only called MegaMan Volnutt Alt., known as Waru Rock (悪ロック Waru Rokku, "Bad Rock") in Japan.


  • Sen-Ti-Nel released a Bad Mega Man (悪ロック Waru Rokku) figure of Mega Man with dark armor and the trunk from the first game.

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  1. The name ethics comes from the description of the book mentioning the gameplay mechanic in Kattelox Island's Library in the English version of Mega Man Legends. The book has no description in the Japanese version, with Rock just wondering what is in the book before reading it.
  2. ViA: "Let's just call it "notoriety"! Wasn't there a "favor system" in Megaman Legends? Just think of it as the opposite of that." Rockman X DiVE "Maleficent Hero" event script