Exceeding Light (光を超えて Hikari o Koete) is the 25th and final episode of Rockman.EXE Beast. It aired in Japan on April 1, 2006, and was followed by the season premiere of Rockman.EXE Beast+ the following week.


As the Super Cyber Beast wreaks havoc in Beyondard, Netto Hikari and the others desperately try to save Trill.EXE from deletion.



Major events

  • Dr. Wily possesses the Super Cyber Beast and begins wreaking havoc in Beyondard.
  • Trill becomes bits of data that Rockman absorbs and becomes the new Synchronizer.
  • Netto fuses with Rockman, who was being filled with the Beast Factor by Dr. Wily, and they become Beast Form Cross Fusion Rockman, who easily destroys the Super Cyber Beast and Wily.
  • C.F. Rockman uses the Synchronizer’s powers to remove the Beast Factor from Beyondard and return it to its normal state, finally bringing peace to the parallel world.
  • Trill decides to stay in Beyondard to help the people restore the world.
  • Last appearance of Makoto Aoki, Beyondard Masa, Saroma, Miyuki, and Barrel, Dark Kirisaki, Kunio, Miyata, Granny, Kojiro, Tomatsu, Hiro, Paxy, Princess Pride, and Beyondard Dr. Wily.


In rough order of appearance


  • This is the last episode the Cross Fusion Members beside Netto, Enzan, and Raika fight cross fused, and the last episode many of them appear in.

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