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Exploding Bouquet (花束爆弾), or Flower Bomb as it is called in the sequel, is one of Roll's special moves in Marvel vs. Capcom and its sequel, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. As the name implies, Roll attacks by tossing a bomb disguised as a bouquet of flowers in an arc path, which will then explode upon contact with an opponent, the ground, or another projectile.

While doing minimal damage, the move (once done in the air) is useful in slowing Roll's descent to the ground below, and can be used to zone out enemies to an extent. However, the move's startup animation is slow, making it a risky move to execute, especially while standing.



  • Roll's Exploding Bouquet is merely Roll's standing Fierce Punch sprite combined with the bouquet sprite from one of Mega Man's win poses (specifically, the one where Roll runs in and presents him with said flowers) in the game.

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