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"Although short ranged, this weapon releases an explosive wave of energy directly in front of you!"
Alia, describing X's Explosion, Mega Man X7

Explosion (エクスプロージョン Ekusupurōjon) is the weapon X and Axl receive from defeating Vanishing Gungaroo in Mega Man X7. It generates a powerful, but short ranged, slow-moving burst of energy. Axl needs to be wielding the G-Launcher to use it. When X charges it up, he can unleash blasts in all four compass directions, as well as straight up.

This weapon is Soldier Stonekong's weakness. It is also very useful on all the Crimson Palace bosses.



  • Explosion is the only Special Weapon to date that has one word in its name as opposed to the standard two.
  • The model of this blaster was reused as Axl's Blast Launcher in Mega Man X8.

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