"Impossible! Nothing can outrace Expressman!"
—Express Man

Express Man is a Robot Master featured in the first issue from Dreamwave's Mega Man comic mini-series. He is incredibly fast, hence his name; his speed could possibly rival that of Turbo Man and Quick Man. He tends to be a bit flauntive of his speed. Because of his light frame and nimble body, he is also fairly weak in combat. He can fire projectiles from his wrist.

Express Man stole from a bank and was being pursued by the police, and at the same time Dr. Light's automatic traffic speed governor has been overriden, causing traffic problems. While Dr. Light fixes his speed governor, Mega Man goes after Express Man to stop him. Managing to match his speed, Mega Man orders the robber to surrender, and a surprised Express Man answers by shooting him. Seeing that he won't surrender, Mega Man manages to catch Express Man and both fall in a lake, resulting in a short battle that ends with Express Man exploding after a few hits. Despite the large explosion, Mega Man is unharmed and he manages to recover the money.


  • In issues 2 and 3 from the comic series, the scene where Mega Man catches Express Man is used in the mail section, the money bag being replaced by a mail bag.

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