Face is the name for a series of enemy Mechaniloids from Mega Man ZX based on giant face sculptures. They come in three elemental varieties: Fire, Ice, and Electric. Face appears as a large column-shaped enemies that can open a "mouth" on one side to fire. They are vulnerable to attacks either when the mouth is closed or open. It is possible to stand on top of them without being hurt. All models attack by opening the mouth at the front and firing a blast of their particular element.

Shock Face

Shock Face is the first variety of Face. When approached, this yellow face will open and fire a ball of electricity that crawls across the ground. This variety appears in Area D (Highway) and Area E (Power Plant). It used to let out a strange laugh, but that functionality was creepy and later removed.

Heat Face

Heat Face is the second Face model. When approached, this red face will open the mouth and breath a large blast of fire, much like a flamethrower. This variety appears in Area G (Fire Site) and Area K (Lava Field). Its database entry says that many engineers were lost in its design phase.

Frozen Face

Frozen Face is the third Face model. When approached, this blue face will open the mouth and fire frozen junk like an ice ball that can shatter into sharp pieces if it hits against a wall or floor. This variety appears in the Area F (Lake) and Area J (Ocean). It makes sad noises when no one is near.

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