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Falzar in the anime.

Falzer is a large Cyber Beast hailing from Beyondard, appearing in Rockman.EXE Beast and Beast+. He is at war with Glaga over the rights to rule Beyondard with an army of Zoanoroids that have been abandoned by their operators. He and Glaga are also searching for Trill.EXE, whom they refer to as the “Synchronizer”.


He appears in episode 1, where he collides with a Sharo fighter jet while invisible to the naked eye, destroying it. He then jets through the air, collapsing buildings and a mineshaft. At the SciLab, Dr. Hikari notes that there are two beasts causing destruction, and they are heading towards one another.

He appears again in Densan City, blasting through a bridge while speeding to Glaga. The two collide causing mass destruction and making them to materialize, and the two begin to brawl in the city, ending up in a nearby stadium. Laika, Ijuuin Enzan, and Netto Hikari cross fuse to stop them, but they don’t cause any damage despite their best efforts, the the two cybeasts simply ignore them. The two disappear due to a lack of electrical energy and end up in the cyberworld where they continue their fight. As SearchaMan and Blues attempt to hold off the cybeasts, Trill causes Rockman to Beast Out, and he combats the two easily. Though the two prepare to fight more, they vanish.

Through the series, Falzer communicates to his minions through a mural of him.

He reappears in full in episode 14 pursuing Zoano DarkMan.EXE of Glaga's army, who was in possession of Iris and Trill.EXE, and attempts to attack him with a shockwave, but Glaga appears and counters him, sending DarkMan and Iris hurtling to the ground below.

Falzer appears in episode 21.

Falzer appears in episode 23.

Falzer appears in episode 24.

Members of Falzer’s army

Minor Zoanoroids

These Zoanoroids (sans SwordMan) invade Earth and begin terrorizing the city, but are stopped by the Cross Fusion Members. Colonel's Rampage

Zoano SwordMan.EXE

Zoano SwordMan fought against Zoano Colonel.EXE in Hazaara, but was deleted by Colonel’s Screen Divide.

Zoano KendoMan.EXE

Zoano KendoMan invades Earth with several other Zoanoroids, and fights against Princess Pride and Yuriko Ozono. He is about to finish off C.F. KnightMan before C.F. NeedleMan stops him with her Needle Cannon, and the two finish him off with ShotGun Battle Chips.

Zoano Medi.EXE

After Nenji Rokushakudama and Jasmine stop Zoano NapalmMan, Zoano Medi throws several Medi Capsules at C.F. Medi, who is guarded by C.F. NapalmMan. As Jasmine tries to wake Nenji up, Zoano Medi confronts her as Jasmine watches on in confusion. She is presumably defeated, as Nenji and Jasmine later arrive in Dentech City unhurt.


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