This article is about the character. For the virus, see Wind Box.

Fan ( lit. "Every" or the musical note "Fa") is a playable character from Rockman Strategy. His element is "Earth". He is a robot that has no dialogue in the game nor is there any apparent explanation of his origins.[1] However, he is obviously influenced by Asian cultures, his appearance resembling a Chinese martial artist and having the yin-yang symbol on his helmet. The symbol on his chest is a stylized 福, representing good fortune, blessings, and happiness. He holds an amulet with the symbol 勒令 (compel).

Unlock Requirements

In order to unlock Fan as a playable unit, the player must lose almost all units and be left with at least two (Megaman is required to be alive as well as another party member), Fan will show up after a few turns, but he will be controlled by the CPU. The player must then exit the stage with Megaman's 'Jump' ability and repeat the process four more times. On the fifth replay, Fan will be controlable, then the player must beat the stage and Fan will be available. Cancer's stage is the recommended choice to unlock Fan.



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