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Far East HQ is a location from Mega Man X: Command Mission. It is the primary location of the Maverick Hunter's Far East Division. It contains a teleporter in this area that leads to the Orbital Elevator Babel where X and the Party fight the final boss of the game. Its exact location is unknown, although dialogue from various characters and the prologue strongly suggests that it is located far away from Giga City.


Far East HQ is only briefly seen during this time, which is inside Colonel Redips' office, where he is briefing X, Zero, and Shadow about the situation at Giga City before dispatching them to quell Epsilon's rebellion.

Final Chapter: In the Name of JUSTICE!

Spoiler warning: Plot and ending details follow.

After defeating Epsilon, Colonel Redips states it's OK for X, Zero, and Axl to return home. After reaching the heliport, and sharing some goodbyes with X's newfound friends, their ship arrives. Chief R, comes to signal them to land. However, the ship's hatches open and two guns shoot R, killing him. After this, the ship begins sending out Red Hubcaps, which attack the Party. After which they fall off the Heliport and end up in the Far East HQ. This area, when entered, cannot be left, otherwise Zero will prevent X from continuing and point out that Redips is on the other side. The save devices will also not allow you to leave.

When entered, the general merchant from the Giga City market will be standing next to the wall of the passage. After continuing further, X and the Party enter the tower and the door becomes locked. Inside are three reploids originally found in Lagrano Ruins who sell X and the party the newest and best available weapons. After purchasing whatever necessary, the party goes through an elevator and a short passage, only to see Wild Jango again. Upon defeat, Axl states that this is a copy of Jango, made using the same copy technology he uses. After that, the party reaches the famous teleporter room that Mega Man games are known for, upon defeating all the bosses again, they fight Depth Dragoon, after which they fight Colonel Redips, who was called a Maverick by X. Upon defeating Redips, he reveals that he was actually Spider all along and needed Supra Force Metal(SFM) to enhance his copy ability and rule the reploid race. He is then chased, and the party ends up in the space station Babel somewhere near Earth. He then combines himself with the Supra Force Metal and becomes Great Redips, his new evolved form. In this form he is undefeatable, the two pieces of SFM on his shoulders both heal (SFML) and guard (SFMR) him, while attacking the party at the same time. When X is defeated (Only X must be defeated, other party members do not count), Redips boasts about his power while Ferham sneaks up behind him, and rips SFML, after which he loses the ability to heal, and knocks Ferham off, ripping one of her wings. After being defeated, he explodes, leaving the last piece of SFM on the ground. After which, the station begins to fall towards Earth and X, Zero, and Axl must hurry to escape. Ferham, in order to end all the terrors SFM has caused, grabs the last piece of SFM and (to X's dismay) jumps off the station, and explodes (Nana, sitting in the remains of Giga City, sees the explosion and watches the aurora the explosion had created). X, Zero, and Axl, hurry on inside the ship as this is happening and wait until it's safe to come out. They then leave once it lands in the middle of the ocean. The game credits then roll, and after saving, the game continues normally but from the beginning of Chapter 10, and X is given the Giga City key, which allows him to fight the legendary prisoner, Ninetails.


There are 15 items, where 3 of them are in Orbital Elevator: Babel.

Area Description Item Boxes
Control Room Air Access Road Area with a Save Device. This area contains the General Salesman sells general merchant. None
Central Aerial Entrance In this area is found Saffron, Cumin and Jasmine. None
Elevator 1 None
Tactics Simulation Center Rematch battle against Wild Jango (v.2). None
Elevator 2 None
Teleport Terminal Area with a Save Device. This area also contains the Medical Reploid that can recover party's health and Sub Tanks; and other General Salesman that sells general merchant.

Defeating the four Bosses in rematch battles, the Main Control Room door to be unlocked.
Tank Parts
Figure Token
Build Hyper
Figure Token
Training Barracks Is divided in four areas, one for each Boss in rematch battle. The bosses are: Silver Horn, Mad Nautilus, Mach Jentra and Incentas. None
Elevator 3 None
Main Control Room X's party face Depth Dragoon in this area. Metaroids appeared in this area, and the party must be use "Cutting Edge" force metal for damaged. None
Elevator 4 None
Final Gate A large corridor to the Command Room. Area with a Save Device. 10000 Ƶ
5000 FME
Figure Token
Figure Token
Cure All
Tank Energy 100
Gain Hyper
Command Room X's party face Redips in this area. None


Mach Jentra (v.2); Preon Shielder, Preon Soldier, Preon Tank Incentas (v.2)
Silver Horn (v.2) Mad Nautilus (v.2)


  • Although the story strongly suggests that Far East HQ was not located in Giga City, gameplay has its location being directly under the Giga City heliport and is entered during Chapter 10.
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