Ferdinand (フェルディナント Ferudinanto) is the first machine piloted by Tron Bonne that MegaMan must face in Mega Man Legends during the Bonnes' invasion of Kattelox Island early in the game.

This robot can shoot bullets from the front side, can launch grenades from its nose and head (which can hit from any point in the city they were fighting). It also can fire a strange explosive flame which runs on the ground and home into its target. This boss has armored legs but its head is very weak to attacks, making it easy to bring down in the hands of an experienced player despite its high health points. Also, the right front leg of the robot is missing an armor plate in the game.

When destroyed, the legs explode first (either for a logical sense or for a comedic effect), and the chassis falls afterwards, exploding as it hits the ground, sending Tron flipping across the ground covered in soot. She stands up shortly afterwards trying to regain composure, but is entirely covered in black ash, and retreats in a Drache after salvaging what she can of her impression.


  • Height: 10.45 m
  • Weight: 3.1 t
  • Max. speed: 120 km/h


  • Ferdinand refers to Ferdinand Tonnies, who coined the sociological concepts of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft.
  • Ferdinand is a Germanic given name composed of the words for prepared/protection/safety (frithu) and journey/boldness/recklessness (nantha).
  • Ferdinand is called Feldynaught by Tron Bonne as she powers it up to attack Mega Man and in Prima's Official Strategy Guide.
  • Ferdinand is orange and has different eyes in the early beta version of the game, similar to its concept art. [1]
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