"You've come far, boys. But I, Ferham, am here to make sure you don't make it a step further!"
―Ferham, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Ferham (フェラム Feramu) is a character from Mega Man X: Command Mission. She is one of Epsilon's Cadre in the Rebellion Army in Giga City, and is notable for being one of the only female Reploids in the Rebellion.


Ferham is a female Reploid in red and pink armor. Her design owes much of its look to that of a bird, particularly one of prey such as a harrier, having angles and designs reminiscent of feathers. She has two large wings on her back, along with thrusters. Her legs are designed to resemble thigh-high boots. Although not present in her initial Command Mission appearance, Ferham underwent a very mild redesign for Mega Man X DiVE where her helmet has lost a pair of downward-pointing, shoulder-length fins with flat tips, and in their stead she now has two long locks of waist-length gradient red/maroon-into-purple hair extending down from within her helmet, which generally rest over the front of her body.

Ferham is a playful and dangerous individual. She has a sadistic streak and enjoys taunting her enemies. She also has a bit of a temper and hates losing. She is, however, intensely loyal to her commander, Epsilon and protects him fiercely from X and Zero. After Epsilon's defeat, she comes to follow her own moral code and assists the heroes in the battle with Redips, even disregarding her own safety in order to help them save the world.


Mega Man X: Command Mission

Ferham restraining Zero at the Lagrano Ruins.

Ferham first appears when Shadow betrays X and Zero, defending Epsilon from Zero's Z-Saber by wrapping her whip around his arm before he can strike. Once Zero is disposed of and X flees, Ferham begins to give chase, but Epsilon orders her to stand down and wait for them to return instead.

Ferham next appears when she ambushes X and his party in the Vanallia Desert. She pushes X and Massimo into a patch of quicksand, then continuously whips Zero to make him let go of them. However, he refuses to fight her and is instead pulled into the quicksand along with the others.

Ferham appears again in the Melda Ore Plant speaking with Scarface, who explains to her that X and his party survived the quicksand. Frustrated by this, she promises to finish them this time. She later confronts X and his team when they attempt to stop the launch of the dangerous Supra-Force Metal missile. Though she is defeated in this encounter, she is not destroyed and instead falls to the bottom of the missile silo. Botos finds her damaged, and forcefully tears the missile warhead key free from her body in order to steal the powerful substance for himself. X and the others finds Ferham, who explains to them what happened, and they set off to find Botos. Ferham departs the plant shortly thereafter.

Having recovered from her past battles, Ferham suddenly appears at the Orbital Elevator Babel to aid X and the others in their fight against Great Redips at the story's climax. She does this by trying to tear off half of Redips' Supra-Force Metal, baiting Redips into attacking his own body and knocking the Supra-Force Metal chunk free. With Redips weakened, X's team is able to defeat him.

Although wounded, Ferham can still stand, and apologizes to X for all the trouble she caused. She then promises to dispose of the last of the Supra-Force Metal so that no one can ever misuse the substance ever again, doing so by leaping off the Orbital Elevator with it and exploding. She takes comfort in knowing that she will join Scarface and Epsilon in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Nana views the resulting explosion of the Supra-Force Metal when it comes into contact with the Earth's atmosphere, creating an aurora.

Stats and abilities

  • Ferham seems to possess a VTOL-based flight system, due to her one-piece wings and lack of any obvious thrusters. It should also be noted her flight allows her to fly unhindered in sandstorms (Vanallia Desert) and her task is protecting the Melda Ore Plant, an arctic, snow region, perhaps alluding to greater ability to fly in harsh conditions and weather.
  • Her whip, while laser-like, has been revealed to be electromagnetic.
  • In battle, Ferham is able to wield cold and ice-based attacks, owing possibly to a built-in cryogenics system within her body.
  • She has an ability called Crimson Shade, which is similar to Zero's Heat Haze sub-weapon except that she must be damaged for a certain amount to dissipate it.

In-battle lines

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Other appearances

  • Ferham appeared in the second animated trailer from the cancelled game Rockman Online.
  • Ferham appeared as an Unit Card and in the art from some Action Cards in TEPPEN.
  • Ferham appeared as an event character in Tower of Saviors.

Mega Man X DiVE

Ferham is an S rank Hunter Program and an event boss. She has a Christmas skin and a swimsuit version.




Ferham artwork comparison. Mega Man X DiVE art by Keisuke Mizuno (left) and Mega Man X: Command Mission art by Ryuji Higurashi (right).

  • Like many of the higher-ranking members of the Rebellion Army (Scarface and Epsilon), Ferham is left-handed.
  • Ferham's voice actress, Onalea Gilbertson (who is often credited as Kris Rundle), is the sister of Zero's voice actor, Lucas Gilbertson.
  • Ferham's design received a minor change in Mega Man X DiVE, including her hair, which becomes longer.