Final Weapon (ファイナルウェポン) is the final stage from Mega Man X4. After Colonel's defeat in the Space Port, the Maverick Hunters go to the Final Weapon for the final battle against the Repliforce.


Final Weapon Stage 1

A short stage with a battle against the player's operator.


Final Weapon Stage 2

There are two paths leading to the boss. The top path is simple, while the bottom path contains pits and a Ride Armor.


Final Weapon Stage 3

The final stage, with a boss rush and a battle against Sigma. After Sigma's defeat, he plans to fire the Final Weapon's cannon on Earth, but General sacrifices himself to stop the Final Weapon.


Other media

RX4 Death Flower

Death Flower

The Final Weapon appeared in the Rockman X4 manga with a role similar to the game. In the manga it is named Death Flower (デスフラワー), and its energy cannon is named Death Seed Cannon (デスシード砲).

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