"Evil! Remember my name, for I am Fire Man! My flames o' justice will have its revenge on you!"
―Fire Man, Mega Man: Powered Up

Fire Man (ファイヤーマン Faiāman) is a Robot Master from the Mega Man classic series. He was built by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to work in an incinerator.

In the remake Mega Man: Powered Up, Fire Man is a playable character. He can use his Fire Storm whenever he wants, but if he runs into water, he will lose the ability to launch waves of fire (Though he will still be able to summon a fiery sphere around him) until he comes back into contact with lava or fire. Also in the same game, he is revealed to talk with a southern accent and is obsessed with justice and fire.


Mega Man and Bass CD data


A robot created for the work in an incinerator. His main weapon is called Fire Storm.
"I'll fire you!"
Good point: Hot-blooded
Bad point: Hot-tempered
Like: Summer camp
Dislike: Rainy day

Stage enemies

Enemies in Fire Man's stage:

Enemies in the Game Boy version of Fire Man's stage:



  • Fire Man's weakness is rare, since he is a fire-type robot weak against an ice weapon; only two other Bosses, a fellow Robot Master and a Maverick share this type of weakness.
  • Fire Man (along with Bomb Man) is one of the only Robot Masters from the first Mega Man game, who did not appear in any of the arcade titles.
  • In Mega Man: Powered Up, he speaks with a stereotypical Southern accent.
  • Originally, Fire Man could melt ice, making players argue that Ice Man should be weak against Fire Man's weapon. Others argue that, after the ice melts, it turns to water, rendering Fire Man vulnerable and hopeless. This might explain why the Ice Slasher is Fire Man's weakness.
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