This article is about the Mega Man: Fully Charged character. For others, see Fire Man.
"They think we're tools! And one mistake, suddenly, your work is shoddy! And Rudy in HR says you should be a fry cook! I ain't no fry cook! I'm Fire Man!"
—Fire Man, Throwing Shade Part I

Fire Man is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He worked as a welding robot until he lost his temper, being recruited by Sgt. Night to help him start a war between humans and robots. Under Sgt. Night's orders, Fire Man went to Silicon City's school to cause chaos, but Mega Man interfered with his actions and Fire Man retreated when the humans and robots banded together instead of fighting.


Fire Man resembles his original counterpart, but is bulky and has a tank on his back.


Fire Man has a short temper that drives him to destructive acts.  He especially dislikes humans, who he blames for his seething anger.  Any attempt to calm him or reach out to him either falls on deaf ears, or makes him even angrier.  Despite his hotheadedness, Fire Man is capable of following or coming up with a larger plan, as his interaction with Breaker Night indicates.


Fire Man can release powerful flames from his arms, and he is strong enough to push Mega Man a long distance.


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