"Create a barrier of protective flame and shoot fire."
Mega Man Powered Up description (Mega Man)
"Create a barrier of protective flame and fire flaming bolts."
Mega Man Powered Up description (Fire Man)

Fire Storm (ファイヤーストーム Faiyā Sutōmu) is Fire Man's Special Weapon. It shoots a fireball forward and causes a small flaming orb to circle the user, providing a brief shield effect. Both the fireball and orb can cause damage.

In the Mega Man Archie Comics serial, Fire Storm was used by Fire Man and copied by Mega Man. In one of the Short Circuits, Mega Man briefly imagined Roll using Fire Storm to clean up a basement when she was forgiving Mega Man for his earlier actions (when he lost control) in Issue #3.

Damage data chart

Damage values for the original Mega Man.

F Fire Storm (F)
Boss Damage
Cut Man 3
Guts Man 2
Ice Man 1
Bomb Man 4
Fire Man 1
Elec Man 1
Yellow Devil 2
Copy Robot 2
CWU-01P ?
Wily Machine No. 1: 1st Phase 4
Wily Machine No. 1: 2nd Phase 1

Bosses Weak Against Fire Storm

Bosses Immune To Fire Storm





  • Mega Man is seen using the Fire Storm against Ice Man in the intro to the cartoon, using it to simultaneously set his parka on fire and blow him away, also defrosting a frozen area of the city. However, in the games, Ice Man's weapon is actually Fire Man's weakness. This problem also occurs in the commercial for Rockman on Famicom. Not only did Mega Man defeat Ice Man with one shot from Fire Storm, this also contradicted his weakness in the game itself.
  • In Mega Man Megamix, in Napalm Man's profile, it states that the scattering explosion produced by Napalm Bomb is called a Fire Storm.
  • It is considered the series' first shield weapon.
  • It can be used effectively against Quick Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge. When Quick Man gets close to the player, the fiery orbs can deal damage to him.

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