Fire Telly (ファイアーテリー Faiā Terī) is a modified Telly that appeared in Mega Man 6. They are orange-colored Tellies with flame emitters attached to their undersides, and appear mainly in Flame Man's stage, the third stage from Mr. X's Castle, and the first Wily Castle stage. However, it is in Flame Man's stage that they are a real threat. They will often use their flamethrowers to drop fireballs into the oil pools, igniting them and turning them into raging infernos. If Mega Man touches the fire, which is much hotter than standard fire due to the burning oil, he will instantly die, as though he landed on spikes.


Rockman Complete Works database


Mega Man Legacy Collection translation:
A mecha modified from Telly. The fire it drops isn't dangerous in itself, but it's game over if it ignites a sea of fire under you.

Other media

Fire Telly had brief appearances in Mega Man Megamix, the Rockman 6 manga and Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin.


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