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Flame Mammoth, known in Japan as Burnin' Noumander (バーニン・ナウマンダー Bānin Naumandā), is a boss in Mega Man X, a Reploid based on the Naumann's elephant. He is a former Maverick Hunter who joined Sigma's Maverick uprising.


Flame Mammoth was the leader of the Maverick Hunter's 4th Land Unit, and spent years fighting in the deserts of the Middle East. He had an arrogant and cocky attitude, and was extremely proud of his large size and strength. His tendency to look down on those smaller and weaker than him put him on bad terms with his subordinates, as well as highlighting the potential cause for the tension with Chill Penguin, one of the few higher-ranked members of the Maverick Hunters who refused to team up with him due to their tumultuous relationship.


Mega Man X

When Sigma became a Maverick, Flame Mammoth joined his uprising, seeing it as an opportunity to use his large size and power to go on full scale rampages of destruction. Sigma has him guarding captured factories, which he is planning to convert to produce weaponry. X confronts him there and defeats him.

Flame Mammoth reappears in the third stage of Sigma's Hideout as the final Maverick boss rematch.


Flame Mammoth can spit oil as well as flames (either red or blue in the remake, Maverick Hunter X, with the blue flames erupting into a flame pillar when they hit the floor). He generally tries to jump on the player. If he lands on the ground after his jump, X will fall back on the ground, stunning him, so the player should jump when Flame Mammoth is about to land. His room is quite large, resulting in his ability to go off screen, where the player's attacks cannot affect him, but his can still affect the player. He can also change the direction of the conveyor belt, on which the fight takes place. If the Boomerang Cutter is used on him, his trunk will be cut off, preventing him from spitting oil or changing the direction of the conveyor belts. The Storm Tornado is Flame Mammoth's weakness, though it cannot make him flinch in both games (additionally he attempts to block it in Maverick Hunter X). An uncharged Storm Tornado is the only weapon that can douse his flames.

In Mega Man Xtreme 2, Marine Tornado will also do the job against Mammoth.


  • Jump Press (地震, "Earthquake") - Flame Mammoth leaps forwards, attempting to land on X. When he lands, it creates a tremor that can knock X onto his back if he is on the ground at the same time.
  • Oiling (油) - Flame Mammoth launches a blob of flammable oil from his trunk.
  • Flame (炎) - Flame Mammoth shoots several fireballs from his buster that fall to the ground. If one touches a blob of oil, it bursts into a formidable pillar of flame.
  • "Conveyor Switch" - Flame Mammoth trumpets to reverse the direction of the arena's conveyor belt floor.



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Mega Man X stats

Flame Mammoth (Burnin' Noumander)
Height: 321 cm (10.5 ft)
Weight: 327 kg (721 lbs, mistakenly shown as 719 lbs in-game)
Attacks: Fire Wave, Oiling, Jump Press

Other appearances

Mega Man X DiVE

Flame Mammoth is the boss of the story stage 12-6, in the Power Control Center. His strategy is similar to previous appearances, with some changes:

  • Flame Mammoth will often use his oil attack first before using his flames.
  • His flames are always red, but when they land on an oil pool, a blue flame rises from it like in Maverick Hunter X.
  • Flame Mammoth's room lacks a conveyor belt, so he won't waste time changing its direction and any oil will stay where it landed.
  • When he jumps, the quake will not stun the player, but any oil glob on the floor will split in two.
  • His trunk cannot be cut.
  • If the player stays too close, Mammoth may catch the player, causing some damage before throwing the player.

Flamme Mammoth appeared as the boss of the second summer event, Summer Treasure Hunt, as Summer Mammoth. Instead of oil blobs, Summer Mammoth releases bouncing water blobs that leave water pools where it hits, and when he jumps, the pools will form a water pillar and disappear. He releases a water spray from his trunk.

Other media

Rockman X

Flame Mammoth's true form in the manga Rockman X

Flame Mammoth is the fifth Maverick that X fights in the manga Rockman X.

When en route to the Point Z-O-R-X, X passed by a factory, where he met and fought against Flame Mammoth in a large room where Flame Mammoth used Reploid bodies hung from the ceiling to repair himself.

During the battle, Flame Mammoth kept repairing himself whenever X destroyed, giving X a hard fight. However, after shooting Flame Mammoth with a series of buster shots, X noticed that Flame Mammoth's left chest (where the Sigma insignia was located) was so resilient that it was immune to attack and reflect buster shot upon contact. X then decided to take the gambit by letting his buster to merge with Flame Mammoth during his regeneration. By doing so, X was able to shot directly to Flame Mammoth's weakness, destroying his regeneration function. Flame Mammoth's gigantic body then began to collapse, revealing his true form — a small CPU ball with arms and legs.

When X unintentionally addressed the fact Flame Mammoth was tiny, he became very angry and told X that he joined Sigma's rebellion in order to revenge against those who despised him and called him "small". X replied that a friend once told him "strength had nothing to do with size and rank... it's pride that counts the most." and he finally learned that applied to not only hunting down Mavericks, but also life. X further noted that he was an example as he able to defeat Flame Mammoth, who was much larger than him in size. Flame Mammoth was sorry for his actions and opened an exit to the factory for X. Before X left, Flame Mammoth asked X finish him, while X replied that it would not be right as there had been enough lives lost in the factory.

Irregular Hunter Rockman X

Flame Mammoth fought alongside with X. During the final battle confrontation with Sigma's force, before he was destroyed by his archenemy Chill Penguin, he gave his weapon "Fire Wave" to X as a recognition of X's ability. He told X that Fire Wave was Chill Penguin's weakness and X then use the weapon successfully destroyed Chill Penguin, avenging Flame Mammoth's death.

Flame Mammoth was the only Boss from the game who did not go Maverick in this comic.

Rockman X Mega Mission

In the Carddass, Flame Mammoth is revived by Dr. Doppler as "Burnin' Noumander L" (Flame Mammoth L). Some of Flame Mammoth's changes include his red colors being changed to black and the inclusion of long tusks.

Rockman Remix

In the Mega Mission history from the manga, Rockman Remix, Burnin' Noumander L attacks X with Storm Eagleed L (Storm Eagle L) and Sting Chameleao L (Sting Chameleon L). Initially, X doesn't want to fight them, but he's forced to by iX/Limited to kill them with one blast, leaving only debris.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Flame Mammoth is briefly mentioned in issue #40 of the comic when his unit is called in to manage the area after the Wily Walker's attack. He would be mentioned again in issue #50's backup story, where he alongside his 4th Overland Unit was one of many former Hunters Zero desperately tried to contact on The Day of Σ.

During Worlds Unite Flame Mammoth was one of the Mavericks from across time resurrected by Sigma and deployed as part of a Maverick army intended to conquer all of reality. After joining in the assault on the Sky Patrol, he departed to attack other worlds at Sigma's behest.



  • Flame Mammoth's Japanese name "Noumander" (ナウマンダー Naumandā) is a portmanteau of Naumann's elephant (ナウマンゾウ Nauman zou) and Commander (コマンダー Komandā).


  • X managed to destroy Flame Mammoth's trunk in the manga Rockman X. However, he did this with the buster shot since he did not possess the Boomerang Cutter yet.
  • In the manga, Flame Mammoth uses the uncharged Fire Wave similar to how X does in-game instead of using a fire projectile during the boss fight.
  • In-game, Flame Mammoth use roars to change the direction of the conveyor belt, while in the manga, he roars to collect parts from victims hanged on the ceiling to repair his damaged parts.

Burning Spray Gun

  • Flame Mammoth's weapon, Fire Wave, is featured as a weapon known as Burning Spray Gun in Mega Man X DiVE. The weapon's appearance is based on his buster in Marverick Hunter X but with a longer nozzle; while its Japanese name, Noumannoder (ナウマンノダー Naumannodā), is named after Flame Mammoth's Japanese name and a pun meaning "It is Noumann's!" ("ナウマンのだー!" Nauman no dā) The weapon is also used by Mad Joey in the New Year event of 2021. However, the weapon shoots fire balls instead of the Fire Wave.
    • Additionally, Flame Mammoth is the only 8-boss-origin boss in 'Mega Man X DiVE who does not provide a Boss Chip in Boss Challenge mode. Instead, a segment of Purgatory Machine Gun is provided.