"Ha ha ha. Now it's time for me to stomp the future into dust!"
―Flame Mammoth, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Flame Mammoth, known as Burnin' Noumander (バーニン・ナウマンダー Bānin Naumandā) in Japan, is one of the eight Mavericks in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Originally a Maverick Hunter stationed in the Middle East and leader of the 4th Land Battalion, Flame Mammoth joined Sigma's rebellion out of a thirst for more power.


From the instruction manual:


Leader of the 4th Land Battalion, Flame Mammoth used to be stationed in the Middle East. Hearing of Sigma's rebellion, he dreamt of getting an even tighter grasp on his own potential power and of going on violent rampages, and decided to join the rebellion. He enjoys crushing and humiliating anyone weaker than himself and was hated by the Reploids who served under him. This is why none of his battalion followed him to join in the rebellion. He plans on letting his firepower do the talking, taking over an industrial area, and turning it all into weapons manufacturing.

Fire Wave

With an arm converted into a powerful flamethrower, it deals continuous damage to enemies. The only thing is, it can't be used underwater.


Despite joining Sigma's rebellion, none of his comrades joined him out of dislike for him. He takes over a prototype weapons plant, where X confronts him. X tells him not to follow through on his actions, but Flame Mammoth merely looks forward to destroying X and the two fight. In Free Play and Hard Mode, Flame Mammoth asks why Sigma would see X as the future if Reploids, to which X does not answer. He is revived as a mindless shell of himself alongside his fellow Mavericks at Sigma's fortress, where he is destroyed for good.

In Vile's story, Flame Mammoth asks Vile if he has joined the side of justice, which he denies. He challenges Flame Mammoth to a fight, and destroys the giant Maverick.


Flame Mammoth can spit oil as well as flames (either red or blue) with the blue flames erupting into a flame pillar when they hit the floor. He generally tries to jump on the player. If he lands on the ground after his jump, X will fall back on the ground, stunning him, so the player should jump when Flame Mammoth is about to land. His room is quite large, resulting in his ability to go off screen, where the player's attacks cannot affect him, but his can still affect the player. He can also change the direction of the conveyor belt, on which the fight takes place. If the Boomerang Cutter is used on him, his trunk will be cut off, preventing him from spitting oil or changing the direction of the conveyor belts. The Storm Tornado is Flame Mammoth's weakness, though it cannot make him flinch in both games. An uncharged Storm Tornado is the only weapon that can douse his flames.


Flame Mammoth: Ha ha ha! I was wondering who would show up... I didn't expect a B-Class Hunter like you!

X: What are you doing, Flame Mammoth? Don't be stupid!

Flame Mammoth: Bwah ha ha! There's nothing I like more than stomping weak little blabbermouths like you into dust!

X: That settles it... You're definitely a Maverick!

Flame Mammoth: Hmpf! Why does Sigma think that a weak little B-Class Hunter like you is even worth my time?

X: Sigma's a Maverick, just like you!

Flame Mammoth: Sigma must be as crazy as you say. He keeps talking about how you are the future of Reploids. Can you believe that, X?

X: ...

Flame Mammoth: Ha ha ha! Now it's time for me to stomp the future into dust!

Flame Mammoth: Vile? What are you doing? If you've joined the side of justice, you can leave now!

Vile: Justice? Gimme a break, Flame Mammoth. I'll fight you if that's what you want. Bring it on...

Flame Mammoth: Wah ha ha! You just bit off more than you can chew, Vile! I'll make sure you regret it!


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