This article is about the Darkloid FlashMan.EXE. For his Asteroid counterpart, see Asteroid FlashMan.EXE. For his video game counterpart, see FlashMan.EXE.

FlashMan (フラッシュマン Furasshuman) is an antagonist in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. One of the Darkloids spawned from darkness under ShadeMan, FlashMan fights against MegaMan and his friends as he tries to tear down the world to make it a place solely for Darkloids.


FlashMan and BubbleMan in Axess's intro.

FlashMan is wildly different from his video game counterpart in the anime. Rather than being the NetNavi of Rei Saiko and a member of the World Three like in the games, FlashMan is a Darkloid and a solo Navi who relies on Dark Chips for power. His goal, like the other Darkloids, is simply to make the world a place where only Darkloids thrive.

FlashMan using his gauntlet.

A trait not seen in the games is that FlashMan can use his gauntlets as both shields and extendable blades.

His Asteroid counterpart, Asteroid FlashMan, more closely follows his video game counterpart's history.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

FlashMan's silhouette.

FlashMan first appears in the Net causing trouble for Nebula, fueled by Dark Chips. He goes in the Net and makes all the lights in DenTech City burn out. MegaMan tries to stop him, but he is too powerful and repels him. Roll tries to stop FlashMan herself, but fails and injures MegaMan accidentally. MegaMan needs to be repaired while FlashMan attacks again. Roll tries to stop him on her own once more, but is overwhelmed by him. MegaMan comes to rescue her and gains Roll Soul by working together with her. With it, he is able to drive FlashMan away. DoubleSoul!

ShadeMan deletes corrupted FlashMan.

He uses Dark Chip to make himself stronger and is sent to delete DesertMan for being captured. Before being deleted, DesertMan was being deteriorated by the Dark Chips and said the same thing would happen to FlashMan. He is deleted when he is confronted by C.F. ProtoMan, who uses the Element Sword Program Advance on him, severely injuring him. Covered in dark spots due to the corruption of the Dark Chips, he returns to ShadeMan and begs for a Dark Chip, but ShadeMan denies him and deletes him to put him out of his misery. Dark Secret

FlashMan among other revived Darkloids.

After deletion, FlashMan was revived by Dr. Regal along with all of the other deleted Darkloids for the sole purpose of attacking the NetPolice and ensuring the destruction of Control X (which was being used by the NetSavers to help locate Regal's secret space satellite), but once again he is deleted by MegaMan using Roll Soul. The Great NetPolice Battle!



FlashMan using Neon Light against MegaMan.

Neon Light (ネオンライト Neon Raito):

FlashMan using Flash Light against MegaMan.

Flash Light (フラッシュライト Furasshu Raito):

FlashMan using Spark Arm against MegaMan.

Spark Arm (スパークアーム Supāku Āmu):

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