F-Laser, also known as Firefly-Laser, or Will Laser (ウイルレーザー Uiru Rēzā) in Japan, is the Special Weapon that X receives from Izzy Glow in Mega Man X5. In normal fire, X sends out a firefly-like projectile that which he can guide (as the weapon's Japanese name suggests). It is useful for finding something in tight spaces, if it is guided properly. The F-Laser will remain on the screen until it either hits a wall or an enemy, X is hit while controlling the weapon or it leaves the screen. Aside from the actual weapon itself, any moving enemies that make contact with the light trail that the F-Laser leaves behind will take damage. Charged up, X fires a large laser beam.

This weapon is Dark Dizzy's weakness and is the only boss that has a weakness to this weapon.


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