Forbidden Island (禁断の地) is a northern ice cap island from the Mega Man Legends series that is believed to be the location of the Mother Lode. According to the in-game map, Forbidden Island is located exactly at Terra's North Pole. For this reason, the island is surrounded by a massive storm with blizzard like weather. Many people have disappeared when trying to explore the island, including Matilda and Banner, Roll Caskett's parents. Barrell Caskett and Verner Von Bluecher are the only Diggers that returned from the island. In Mega Man Legends 2, MegaMan Volnutt travels to the island to rescue the Sulphur-Bottom and its crew, which includes Barrell and Von Bluecher.

Yuna and Gatz are the guardians of the Forbidden Island, preventing Diggers from reaching the seal that held Sera and Geetz, escorting the surviving Diggers out or putting them into hibernation. After they unintentionally damage the Sulphur-Bottom to prevent its approach, MegaMan Volnutt goes to the island to rescue the ship and its crew.

After the Rush Mammoo has been defeated during the mission to rescue the Sulphur-Bottom, the seal containing Sera is undone and the storm that used to sweep Forbidden Island will stop entirely. Yuna and Gatz stop overseeing the island afterwards.

Reaverbots on the island



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