The Force Beams in Quick Man's Stage from Mega Man 2.

Force Beams,[1] also known as Laser Beams[2] or simply beams (ビーム),[3] are the deadly lasers found in Quick Man's stage in Mega Man 2 and Mega Man: The Wily Wars. They fly in from the sides at high speed and instantly kill Mega Man on contact. They are more easily dodged with Time Stopper, and there are Weapon Energy items throughout the section in which they are active, suggesting that Capcom had intended for the player to use it.

The same laser beams appear with a blue color in the last stage from the Mega Man game for Game Gear, which is a reduced reproduction of Quick Man's stage. In this game, a direct hit from a Force Beam will cause damage to Mega Man rather than killing him instantly, however hitting the beam after it has finished moving is still deadly. Also, for some reason, they change color depending on which weapon Mega Man has equipped.

In Mega Man 7, there are similar fire-elemental beams in Turbo Man's stage.

Similar lasers appear in the first Zero Space stage of Mega Man X5. They have the same effect and can be avoided with Dark Hold (which has the same effect as Time Stopper). The lasers are green and at certain parts are fired from the ground and ceiling.

Other media

The force beams appear in issue 11 of the Mega Man comic book series from Archie Comics and in Rockman: Dr. Wily no Inbou.



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