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Hey guys. Last night I suddenly remembered the existence of a Megaman game that I played long time ago. I spent about an hour looking for it, with no luck. So I came here, in hopes that someone may enlighten me.

I remember I found the game somewhere on the internet like 6 years ago, and it was for the PC. I am fairly certain that it is not an official game, as I've already looked through the official ones. Thus, it may be an independent project or a mod.

Here are the three main things I remember about game:

-The game was in the style of the original Megaman (eg. platform) with physics very close to the real megaman games.The graphics were pretty good (pixelated, but not in the style of 16bit games).

-Game supports a 2 player mode.

-There were multiple playable characters that were unlockable (eg. I remember being able to play as a guy with a shield after completing level 1)

If anyone knows leave a msg here!


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