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I've been playin' ZX fer quite a while now, and I correct me if I'm wrong, but I've noticed several references to the first X game

Charcters: The blue guy(s) are usually aided by a stronger red guy who dies at a pivotal point in the game and gives up their best weapon though said character isn't playable himself

Stages: One obvious reference anyway. The Area D stage is an obvious throwback to the intro stage in the first X game

Villain: Big muscular guy with two forms: a battle form and another that wires himself into a larger machine that stands in the background. Has also caused a massive Maverick outbreak of course

Weapons/Armor: The Biometal fusions themselves had at least one attack that X copied in the first X game and is usually only usable when the Biometal is complete and thus act as the Variable Weapons System that X was so famous for in combat ability. By proxy, they also represent the armor system in the PSX/PS2 games as they can be repaired piece by piece:

Model HX: Has the charged version of the Storm Tornado copied from Storm Eagle.

Model FX: Has the charged version of Fire Wave copied from Flame Mammoth though it travels a much shorter difference

Model LX: Has The charged version of Shotgun Ice copied from Chill Penguin

Model PX: Has the charged version of Rolling Shield copied from Armored Armadillo

Easter Egg: The one 'secret' unlockable that makes every other weapon in the game inferior by comparison and manages to reference Street Fighter. With X1 was Ryu's Hadouken. In ZX, there is the Kongo Kokuretsu Zan from Akuma/Gouki in the form of Model OX's Giga Attacks. In addition, the Earth Crush is taken from X2 and was Zero's first Giga Attack

Hm.. Interesting. Sould we add this to the Mega Man ZX page?

Yush. The More You Know XD

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