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I've started to talk to Bassium! about it, and I feel that it would be beneficial for the MegaMan Knowledge Base to become part of the Wikia Graphical Entertainment Project.

Just to note that there are 2 other topics Discussion on using Wikipedia Content, and Namespace and SITENAME Discussion which also apply to the merger, these should also be sorted out before this is finalized.

To explain what this would involve, I'll list out and explain the positives to this, and what standard things you would half to contend with due to technical reasons.

  • As detailed at Anime:Project:Administrators the Wikia Anime Project works on a 4 scale level of administrators instead of the 2 scale level here. Essentially this means that above the 2 levels of admins here there will also be 2 more levels which mainly deal with keeping certain things here in sync with the other wiki in the project.
  • The Wikia Anime Project has a number of Templates which are shared using the AutoTemplateBot on joining the project all the shared templates in the project will be mirrored over here. I'd like to note that you should not edit these here, but edit them at the Animepedia instead because any changes made here will be overridden but any changes made there will be mirrored in all wiki in the project. You can see what templates will be copied in the category over there Anime:Category:Templates/shared. I'll also note what significance this is to the templates here: (If you're going to ask; No, because they are shared by bot you can't have any of these templates not override ones here.)
    • Your Spoiler template will be replaced with the project one Anime:Template:Spoiler.
    • Your Disambig template will be replaced with the project one Anime:Template:Disambig.
    • You guys have a Template:Tobedeleted. It won't be overridden, but the project has a better Anime:Template:Delete which gives better details, and has options for quick deletes, changing the discussion location, and giving a reason. So I would recommend that Anime:Template:Delete become the new standard one to use. I would like to note that 3 of those images are added because my userpage (Which I have a special bot for mirroring to) uses them. But a number of the other images have general purpose.
    • You don't have a Template:Stub yet, but there is one at Anime:Template:Stub which will show up here. Note that we'll half to come up with a File:Stub.png or File:Stub.svg for it.
    • Anime:Template:AnimeNetwork is a special type of template. It outputs information about different wikia in the project, it gets an ID (This one's would be megaman) and it outputs information such as Interwiki links, home links, Wiki names, and logo names.
  • Other than Templates there is also a ImageMirrorBot which may copy and override images here. Though I doubt many images will be overridden. You can get an idea of what images will be copied by looking at w:c:Naruto:Images/noedit. Note that the Category structure there will also show up here.
  • The last notable bot which will be copying things over here is the UserBoxBot. This bot is more fun than serious. Essentially every Userbox and Category in the Anime:Category:Userboxes structure will be copied over here. Which means that you will have a number of new userboxes to fool around with, as well as a structure for creating new ones. There aren't to many at the moment, but I may create a few interesting megaman ones for you in the future.
  • You guys may have a Project:Copyrights page. Though there are ones with more explanation which are project wide such as Anime:Project:Copyrights.
  • You have a Help:Contents which is a little minimalistic. There's another one at Anime:Help:Contents it's linked to by the other wiki in the project, so you can link to there for helpful information on editing, and it will have better information because it can be improved cooperatively by multiple communities.
  • You have an About Page which has a little information and a disclaimer which doesn't have much. Though there's a bit more customized one at Anime:Project:About which could serve as a base for addition to the ones here.
  • JavaScript and CSS: The WAP has a good deal of JavaScript and CSS it shares across all of the Wikia in the project. Essentially the code here will reference what is back at the Animepedia which is where the global stuff is stored. There are a number of new features which will be enabled during this:
    • includeJS, includeCSS, includeJSCode, and includeCSSCode allow users to include JS and CSS from other places into their local stuff. This makes it easier to share things.
    • queryString also makes it easy to test things from the url query.
    • A number of sitenotice functions will be added, namely the ability to undismiss the notice if you add a button to do so.
    • There is code enabled which allows users to use a simple bit of code to add new buttons and options to the tab bar at the top and the different locations in the sidebar.
      • I have more information on how to add things such as the BasicTabs System to your personal view at w:User:Dantman/Tricks.
    • There are a large number of CSS Additions to:
      • Simple text classes such as center, top, left, right, etc... Allow you to use positioning for elements much easier than doing the styling yourself. Classes such as fill-horiz, cell-icon-25, and text-medium make block sizing, icon cell sizing, and text sizing easier to.
      • There is an advanced box styling system which allows for you to style things such as messages, tables, block elements, etc... In easy and standardized ways. (e.g. class="box table colored bordered innerbordered type-basic" in a table will give it a nice basic style which would take piles of normal styling information to make the table look remotely similar.)
      • TOC altering classes such as ones which hide the collapse, make the toc horizontal, hide it's colors so you can make another element outside it the TOC and add things to it, and ones which remove the numbering from it can also be added to do interesting things to it will be added here to. (Examples; Clearing the TOC so that you can add something to it like a archive list Anime:User talk:Dantman, Creating a horizontal TOC without numbering inside of a formatted table list w:c:Naruto:List of Ninjutsu.)
      • The Styles for the Forum setup which are lacking here are actually part of the global setup. Which means changing the forums is a little easier if something needs to be fixed.
      • On Special:Recentchanges the namespace selector will show up on the right, and the bite differences (Numbers showing how much has been changed in an edit), and the New and Minor symbols will be colored. An example at Anime:Special:Recentchanges.
      • On Special:Prefixindex the redirects will show up as grayed out small italics with a symbol next to them such as you can see at Anime:Special:Prefixindex.
    • If you look on the Animepedia on the sidebar (If your browser supports the code) there is an additional Switchbox element. Using it you can alter the switchbox to do a number of things such as lookup edit counts, the prefixindex lists pages, you can lookup user information and jump directly to articles and their edit pages to. This will start working with only a little reference to the code.
  • A number of system message stuff (Things in the MediaWiki: Namespace) will be changed or added:
    • A new message MediaWiki:Siteid will have the text megaman in it. It will basically be the id for here and used in conjunction with Template:AnimeNetwork it will help output information about the wiki for shared templates to use.
    • The Sidebar (Edited at MediaWiki:Sidebar) will be changed. A new Wikia Anime Project section will be added linking back to all the main wikia in the project. Example at the Animepedia. Other than this, you'll notice a nice setup I have of links which separates links which readers use, and what editors use. That may also be what will be used here. In return, any anime listed in the Animepedia will have a link here for more information. Which should in the future increase the number of editors and readers flooding over here from other wikia.
    • MediaWiki:Activeusersline defines what shows up at Special:Activeusers. The WAP Has a change in it (Defined at Anime:MediaWiki:Activeusersline and seen at Anime:Special:Activeusers) which adds some things such as talk links, and an editcount link to that page.
    • MediaWiki:Anontalkpagetext defines what shows up on the bottom of talkpages. There a little different one at Anime:MediaWiki:Anontalkpagetext which gives a little more flavor to the page.
    • This will only affect admins but Anime:MediaWiki:Deletedtext has an upgrade over MediaWiki:Deletedtext which helps you from orphaning talkpages by deleting articles but missing the talkpages.
    • A number of Edittools help make article edits simpler. A number of templates such as the spoiler tags are also added.
  • There's also a special Licencebuilder system being developed which will make adding licenses to images easier.

Just another note but, I have a habit of making a nice comfortable new layout style for any wikia I become involved as an administrator in. So if the project is joined I'll probably make a nice new colored layout here. I'm thinking a heavy blue theme. Little dark, but it helps emphasize the content and makes things comfortable. Examples of styling work which I have done for different Wikia can be seen at The Gaiapedia, the Animepedia, the Narutopedia, and the InuYasha Wiki.

I'd like any comments you have about incorporation into the project. ~Dantman(talk) Mar 26, 2007 @ 23:17 (UTC)


Will the MMKB still be it's own wiki like it is now? Or is all of the content just being dumped into an all-anime wiki? Bauer-CTU, MMKB sysop

Nope... It works like this. The Wikia Anime Project spans multiple wikia. Basically the Animepedia lists all the anime and gives full documentation on each anime using subpages in the Animepedia. Except for larger anime or series such as Naruto, InuYahsa, Bleach, Megaman, etc... In those cases it has a main article with the general information on the Anime and instead of linking to subpages for more detail, It links to content on the other wiki. This means that the Animepedia links to all the wiki in the project, and using the sidebar people can jump back to the list to look at another one. The main difference is standardization of some things, the MMKB will still exist. The workings for actually working on content aren't finished so the articles aren't done, but an example can be seen at Anime:Naruto which you'll see directs to the Narutopedia and in the sidebar there it also links back to the Animepedia. Look over the Narutopedia, It's a good example of how a wiki interacts with the project. Note that one of the big things of the project is the fact that because all the wiki are joined together, editors spill over from one wiki into another, one of the memebers from the Narutopedia has already started editing here, ,and I haven't made any mention of it other than adding this wiki to my userpage. ~Dantman(talk) Mar 29, 2007 @ 16:07 (UTC)
Ok... I still don't quite understand, such as the URL for this wiki will stay the same yes? Because you make it sound like we as a wiki aren't going to be able to do anything. In other words you make it sound like all the information the small number of users here have worked on making will just go straight to the Animepedia, it's like we have nothing left here and were just supposed to let you take complete control, now you tell me is there going to still be a if we connect with Animepedia? Bassium!
Yes, it will still be the same. The content will still stay here (The objective of using multiple wiki is to breakup the content and use other wiki to go into even more detail than you can do on one), will still link here and will still link there. Merger is just a word applied to the project, if you're needing a fitting word for other wiki, it's more like affiliation. The main differences are the listed things which are controlled by bot, the Links which will be inside the sidebar linking back to the main lists, and Animepedia editors adding relevant content to articles here. The only actual control elements are the few standards that the project has started. Such as how to deal with Wikipedia content, and how to use English, Romanji, and Kanji. I suppose for now with the MMKB already being an existing wiki we'll let the Fair use policy slide, though with the whole legal thing it might be something you could ask for help in fixing. (the Nope... in my last comment was saying no to the MMKB being dumped into the Animepedia) ~Dantman(talk) Mar 30, 2007 @ 08:19 (UTC)


Why would a Mega Man wiki even sign onto this project? If it were a video game thing, I could see it, but anime is a small spin-off of the main throughline of Mega Man.--Guy Ruffian 16:00, 30 March 2007 (UTC)

It may be a spinoff but it's still there, and It's both big, and been there since the classic stuff. It would be nice if someone would start a Wikia Video Games project, the MMKB could become part of both. If you don't like editing the anime parts, then letting in the project means you have other editors coming in to do that. The project just covers the Anime related articles, so you're basically free with the other articles, but the standards and templates are pretty good that they might make editing the game articles even easier to. It's not the case at all that Wikia in the Wikia Anime Project are all dedicated to Anime, in fact it's quite different. The project currently only covers Anime, but it's going to expand into Manga, and later into Cartoons and Comics. The Animepedia and Manga wiki which would become part of the project focus souly on those factors, but all the wiki they link to on series don't focus on that, they incorperate every part of the series, anime, manga, game, and whatever else there is. The Narutopedia covers the Anime, Manga, and even the things such as the Card game are being worked on. Heck, I don't know if it's a possibility, but it would be nice if the project (Which would end up being called the Wikia Con Project (Conventions being the only word common to all 4 subjects) could possibly even extend into Video Games and addopt, create, or have an existing Wikia on the subject join in. ~Dantman(talk) Mar 30, 2007 @ 17:05 (UTC)
Does the CSS styling of the WGEP only affect the anime-related MMKB articles? or does it affect the entire MMKB? If the MMKB decides to also be part of a videogames project, and the videogames project director chooses to impose his own CSS on all wikis in the videogames project (even on articles not videogames related), will the MMKB be kicked out of the WGEP because it won't be using WGEP's CSS? -PanSola 00:20, 19 May 2007 (UTC)
CSS Can't be targeted at a section of the site. Removal of the CSS would cause the shared templates to fail. But if there were a project on Video Games similar to the WGEP something would have already been dealt with beforehand. It might be possible even that the other project might have decided to share the WGEP's CSS, maybe even that the project was derived from the WGEP. After all, the WGEP is the only project of it's kind on Wikia. While the Gaming Hub does list Gaming Related Wikia, there is no project for sharing things between them, I'm the only one who has attempted something big like this. Also, remember that the WGEP has moved into phase 1.1 (Anime, and Animanga relates games) where Animanga related games refers to any game series which has a anime crossover, and any animanga series which has a game crossover. So technically the MMKB fits even more in the WGEP scope. A gaming project would be more targeted towards the various singled out FPS, RPG's, ect... Which have little crossover into other sections of media. ~Dantman(talk) May 19, 2007 @ 07:08 (UTC)
You have not examined the possibility of separating WGEP-CSS into those that are required by templates, vs those that do not. Is this separation not possible? If you load remotely the CSS that is required by templates, while actually copying over the other styles to the site, it allows more room for collaboration and customization. While Megaman does have cartoon adaptations, the cartoon is (IMHO) of extremely minor significance, and if there's a cross-site network project involving platform games or something, Megaman fans would (IMHO) identify significantly stronger with that project than the WGEP. -PanSola 23:14, 20 May 2007 (UTC)
Your statement is a little unclear.
  • If you're talking about adding the styles themselves to the style attributes in the templates, then that's completely out of the question because that destroys the entire purpose of the box class existing in the first place. The box class was created to provide a simple method of using a set of classes to avoid needing large amounts of style code.
  • If you're talking about using templates like how Wikipedia does for it's userboxes then that's out of the question because the style attribute cannot be used in WikiText to reach inner elements. You can't affect the p, or the a, or the :after, :before, :hover, and you can't affect all the th's in a table without doing each one individually. Which is the reason the box class exists.
  • If you're talking about copying styles to wiki instead of sharing them globally you're ignoring the big picture. The WGEP currently has 5 wiki, and it is expanding more and more, at this rate every few weeks I may be adding a new wiki for awhile. I'm making my considerations now, in consideration on how big things are going to be in the future. We can't manually copy things over to every wiki in the project and keep them updated that way. The box class is the main thing in question here, and that's what the templates use to define how they look.
As for the existence of a games project, there are a few things to consider. Don't forget how widespread game genres are. Even I'm not into the task of working on every single type of game in one project. Most likely, there would be separate projects for RPS, FPS's, etc... and if that were the case, then the WGEP would become the games project dealing with Animanga related games (Mega Man is a platformer and RPG; a Side-scrollers project and an RPG project would both only cover part of the series, but the WGEP covers Anime, Manga, Comics, Cartoons, Animanga series game crossovers, Game Series Animanga crossovers, and also games which use the Animanga styles). But there's something bigger than that to consider. There are few other bot users on Wikia; According to what I've heard I'm the big one to ask questions now. Which means the probability of running into a user who could handle things on multiple wiki at the same time, sharing content is very low.
But a games project isn't what the MMKB should worry about now. There is no project like that, and if there was then it wouldn't be the MMKB trying to figure out what to do. It would be the WGEP and the game project talking to each other on ways to incorporate things from both projects into each other. If a project is going for the aim of documenting everything in a wide area, then the chances of that project also wanting to exchange things with other similar size of scope projects is high. If one ever did show up, and there were technical reasons that the projects couldn't work together, then the MMKB could easily switch over to their systems. If you're saying that the animanga portions of the series are inconsequential if a games series project came up, then why are you worrying if the project can stick with the WGEP or not. That'll be sorted out if it ever shows up. ~Dantman(talk) May 21, 2007 @ 14:18 (UTC)

I'm talking about splitting the WGEP-shared-CSS into two different CSS. One is loaded remotely from WGEP, contains the styling rules that are required by templates and your JS stuff. The other half is copied to individual projects by a bot, involving things that aren't required by templates/JS, and allow individual sites to customize those if need arise (while it doesn't need to be copied locally to be customized, having a local copy makes it easier to see which ones are "safe" to play with and wont' screw up the templates/JS).

I am worrying because in an ideal world, it'd be great if the MMKB can stick with both the hypothetical umbrella gaming project and the WGEP. And therefore I want to preemptively ask questions and figure out solutions to potential issues, including figuring out how much control the WGEP requires of its members, and how freedom/individuality/customization can be maximized for each member (which increase possibility for a site to be members of multiple projects, as well as general willingness for a site to join WGEP as a member).

From my perspective, the primary benefit of the network WGEP mostly revolves around the linking system, and that only needs botting if many pages have to be moved (or redirects created) to work with the linking system. The extra styles and javascript are just extra frills that you Dantman provide as a sort of "bonus free service" for signing up. This means much of the task of managing a similar project can be done without the frills, and just include a request to the wikia tech staff for the interwiki linking hack, and convince/help individual wikis to potentially mass-rename their articles. This mental picture significantly reduces the difficulty level of managing another project of similar nature. Also, this means a site can easily be a member of multiple projects, if the multiple projects do not require their members to use certain JS and/or CSS that conflict with each other. It would be a shame of a site choose not to join a particular project because they don't like the bonus free service that would get forced on them should they choose to join the project (or if they have to choose between two incompatible bonus free services).

Having a precise picture of the extent you wish WGEP to have control over styling issues etc can in general help ease some hesitations (or open specific issues up for negotiation), since the unknown/uncertain is often what causes the greatest (subconscious) fear.

Also for clarification, all my considerations has been for wikia sites in general. Nothing is specific to the MMKB, nor is anything intended to represent any segment of the MMKB. It just so happens that the discussion is open here, and I chanced upon it, so I ended up bringing it up here and used MMKB as a convenient example. Rewording my very very original main question slightly, "will a member site be kicked out of the WGEP because it doesn't use (all of) WGEP's CSS?" and/or "which CSS rules from WGEP are required to be installed on membersites, and which ones are optional/customizable/opt-outable by the site"? -PanSola 15:08, 21 May 2007 (UTC)

There isn't much to say. Except, the general ideology of the WGEP is standardization; Making it easy for a user to move from one wiki to another without needing to learn a entire new way of doing things. Letting new wiki not need to go through the entire process of finding out what works on a wiki and find out they've been doing things in a very messy way later on and half to change half their site. Having general templates and techniques which have had a lot of thought put into them, and instead of having one small wiki update and make them better, update them in one location so that every wiki can take advantage of the new features, and add even more than just those.
The WGEP's CSS is included all at once. This it what makes it easy to share the stuff. There's something you don't get about the bots though, when they run they overwrite the changes on the other wiki. They can't properly be programmed to append new css to the wiki. Which basically means that using a bot, and using a reference have the same end result. Except use of a reference is better, because it doesn't mean that you have one person running them, and unlike with bots, the updates are instant.
As for personalization. That's done after referencing. If you'll look at the mainpage and rules pages on the Narutopedia and InuYasha Wiki you'll notice that the coloring of the standardized boxes are actually different. Even though the standard type-nav that they use is defined to be light blue. Color schemes can be altered to fit a wiki. Currently, the only non general one is the type-nav. Others like type-warning are done with general use in mind.
The WGEP's stuff isn't about one master project controlling everything else, it's about multiple communities working together as one community to improve things for all of them. Having shared content isn't a bad thing, because by having that shared content, you're also allowed to request new things be added to that shared content. ~Dantman(talk) May 21, 2007 @ 16:39 (UTC)
Um... so am I correct in summarizing the actually relevant part of your 3-paragraph answer to my original question as "all the CSS rules that come from the WGEP can be (allowed to be) overridden/customized by individual member sites as they see fit"? Or did I neglected/misinterpreted something? -PanSola 21:08, 21 May 2007 (UTC)
Consider it more of negociable content; The stuff is included. Coloring, etc... can be personalized to fit the wiki. Want to override something? Ask first, perhaps it's good enough to become part of the global code. Still to wiki specific, use the local codes. Most things would be allowed, but don't go doing anything which would ruin the core reasons we have the global code here. It's here to help, if it's not good code, then a better idea would be to have it improved globally then coming up with something new locally.
Most of it could be considered negociable (Though, the templates aren't technically... Because the AutoTemplate bot is not programmed to omit anything); The Fair use policy likes to have everything tagged, but I've already decided on ignoring that for the MMKB, tagging all the current images is a task not fit for anyone, so instead I added a disclaimer to the site. The AliceSoftWiki likes a Navigation and AliceSoftWiki instead of the normal what would be AliceSoftWiki and Community sections in their sidebar, so the MessageBot being built is built with some extra syntax which lets wiki customize the incoming global sidebar. The ImageMirror bot is told to copy the logos of wiki in the project to other wiki in the project, but instead of doing everything everywhere, instead all the wiki's logos are copied to the top-level wiki, and the top-level wiki's logo is copied to all the wiki (including itself), but the lower-level wiki don't have each other's logos cause it's not needed. The AliceSoftWiki is keeping it's plaintext friendly form of romanization for reasons they have there (Though if a wiki doesn't have reasons for not using proper romanization, using it is normally recommended); Everything in the WGEP was done using reason to set it up. Therefore, the counter to is is reason. Obviously if you're just going to go out and do something it'll be opposed. But if you have a good reason for wanting something, then state it, if it's reasonable and doable then it'll be accepted. ~Dantman(talk) May 21, 2007 @ 23:35 (UTC)

Demonstration of some of the Standardized Templates and Styles

While helping fix up the Characters list, I added in some stuff to demonstrate some of the Styles, Templates, and Classes we use in the project to make things look better and work better. List of Characters is now actually broken up into multiple articles (Sections were to big so now they each have their own article and are transcluded back). Also, the List of BN, NT, MegaMan NT Warrior, and RockMan.EXE Characters has a demonstration of the toc modifying classes (.toc-start-2 hides the Battle Network Series / Network Transmission Series and MegaMan NT Warrior Series / RockMan.EXE Series headers from the toc, adds commas, removes the numbers, and styles it into a horizontal toc inside the table ), the content modifying classes(.cell-align-top makes all the cells have a top alignment, and .noheaderborder hides the header border), and the box classes (the entire style of the table). Also, all the List pages under the Character's list use the {{Directory}} template I cloned over here to demonstrate a good way of helping readers move around the site. There's also {{Tlx}} which I merely cloned so that the Examples in {{Directory}} would work, but I'm even using it now to demonstrate what it does. It's modified from Wikipedia's (Ours has more features such as the ability to add the subst: to it, and a larger limit) and it's basically used to let you give examples of how a template would be used without using any nowiki tags. Not only does it do that, but it also creates a link to that template, meaning using simple text, you can demonstrate the use of a template, give a link to it, and it will still be copyable so people can paste it they way they would use it. There are a lot more of these kind of things I can show you that the project uses to make things work better. Some of them are completely original, and some of them are copied and massively upgraded from the ones used on Wikipedia. ~Dantman(talk) Mar 31, 2007 @ 11:07 (UTC)

Just cause it's something I usually do. I put up a style for the site. The basic code is similar to the other Wikia I've done but it's a new color scheme... Darkblue suits MegaMan, right? Tell me how you like it, or what you think could be added. ~Dantman(talk) Mar 31, 2007 @ 12:06 (UTC)
You guys seam to use a certain style for putting up messages around the site so I've turned that into one of the type- color classes which are used by the box styling system. type-note now holds that coloring scheme, so to make one of those colored message boxes you use class="box message colored bordered type-note" You can take a look at the source for the Main Page to see how, table syntax also makes it even easier to read. class="center" can also be used to make the message centered. ~Dantman(talk) Mar 31, 2007 @ 12:32 (UTC)
I said this in the other topic and I'll say it again. Dark Blue does suit Mega Man and I like the scheme. I can't wait until/if this takes place! Blade (TALK) May 26, 2020 @ 10:42 (UTC)


Sound ok to me, but it's not really what I think. I mean it's the hole websites maybe 10 users think. But I can't really see any negatives for the MMKB, I can think up plenty for the Animepedia 'tho... Bassium!

What kind of negatives? The Wikia Anime Project's Main goal is expanding across as many of the Wikia which are related to Anime, Manga, Cartoons, and Comics. Including the MMKB Now instead of later would make things end up nicer. Though, I know there may be a few Wikia which don't end up in the project, I notice a lot of complaints on the .hack wiki and we might hold off on asking them. ~Dantman(talk) Apr 2, 2007 @ 23:42 (UTC)

I object... and PLEASE reset the colors!!

First off, to Dantman, please change the border color back to white. It's hard to see where to click for edits or to log on.

Secondly, and my personal opinion, I don't like this idea of this merger (especially thing little "suprises" like this color mess happen) I've been a sysop here on this wiki for nearly a year, and I earned it. Don't take this personally, because it isn't, but, I never heard of you before last week and I don't see how you suddenly got this power (unless you've been here for a long period of time).
I personally don't see why this should happen anyway. It's not like the Comic wikis (where Batman is lumped in with Superman and The Flash, because it's all in the same universe). I could see the MMKB just being an affiliate of this other site.

I appologize if I sound like I'm rambling, I'm sure you have good intentons, I'm just a little scared about the future of this site. I've made friends here and we've all helped nurture this this from a worthless page with little info to and living breathing encyclopedia for Mega Man fans (and run exclusivly by Mega Man fans, which I am one) I just don't want to see it ripped apart for the sake of saving space or crap like that. But, if this wiki will remain un-altered by this merger. Then, it won't be bad.

(Bauer-CTU, MMKB sysop)

The colors are back, though if the issue was hard to be seen tabs it would have been better to improve the color scheme a bit to improve accessibility. The color scheme was just a small thing I was testing to see if people liked, I've added them to other Wikia and everyone always seams to find it more comfortable to work in a soft layout then the default white. The objective of the WAP is not for saving space or anything; Other places like Wikipedia and the other encyclopedias merely list out the main characters and the basic information on the series. But the project's goal isn't just the basic stuff, it wants to document every character, every unique aspect, and every Episode or Chapter of any series which has a Anime, Manga, Comic, or Cartoon counterpart. There are 3 megaman cartoons, and 6 anime series. Going by the outlines of the project, the extent of what we'd want to document extends through every NetNavi, every Character, all the Viri and BattleChips, all the Anime and Cartoon Episodes, and all the Locations. But Wikia which are part of the project don't specialize in Anime or just Manga, Cartoons, or Comics. The Narutopedia also is working on documenting the Video Games and Card games. Basically while the Animepedia, Manga Wiki, etc... All deal only with their own section, the Wikia which they link to join all of those together and incorporate all the other things about the topic such as Video Games, etc... Even if that means that most of the content of the wiki is centered around that area. The reason the project wants to have the MMKB as a part is not to just dump anime stuff off and then Link to it, but because a lot of the content that it would like to incorporate is stuff the MMKB already has and just wouldn't fit in on any of the other Wikia in the project.
p.s. I'm actually not off the topic, I've played the megaman games for awhile to; I started out with one of the X games at school, I played all the classic games (Though controls were always an issue for classic games and me), I've played Battle Network 1, 2, and 3, I played MMX Command Mission, and I own Network Transmission (I'm only missing a few of the chips. Proud to say that's the best mm game I've done in without all the extra aid). ~Dantman(talk) Apr 6, 2007 @ 15:51 (UTC)

My only question now is this: will all of the files and info that's currently here on the mmkb still be right here at this address, un-altered? Will the mmkb still be it's own site if this merge goes through? One other thing: Thanks for resetting the colors, but I've noticed another issue. At the very top of the screen, the links for my talk/preferences/watchlist/contribs/log out are shifted all the way on the left of the screen where the site logo is. Bauer-CTU

Sorry about the personal bar, is it fixed now? And if not, what browser are you on? When I worked on the .css I included 2 things, the styling, and the global monobook which also includes things such as the .css for the tab system. It's just that the tab system needs the styling to work. That just means I'll need to come up with a more accessible color scheme. Yes, the merger is a merger into a project, not into another specific wiki. The Animepedia is not the thing being merged with, the Animepedia is just a Wikia which is inside the project. So instead of the Animepedia, Narutopedia, and InuYasha Wiki being in the project, it will be the Animepedia, Narutopedia, InuYasha Wiki, and the MMKB. Nothing is moved out of here, though a few light things would be moved in. Mainly that's just some templates and backend stuff (Most notably {{Spoiler}} and {{Disambig}}).
Take a look over these things and tell me if there's anything disliked:
BTW: As shown at Anime:Project:Administrators there are 2 more levels compared to the current system, but they aren't directly involved in the wiki, they're just there to keep things across all the Wikia in the project from going into chaos. But here's an advantage to having admins who are elsewhere with powers here, if all the admins here become inactive for some reason, one of them can just promote some of the community here instead of everyone needing to go and request help from the Community Staff to get a new one. And just a little note, but if you'd like it, the Project:About here is a little small, the other communities have been ok with a type you can look over at Anime:Project:About and w:c:Naruto:Project:About. Also, the ruleset is pretty generic, but a general rules outline is at Anime:Project:Rules and w:c:Naruto:Project:Rules but other than making a simple page here to compliment the link in the sidebar the rules themselves can be picked and chosen. And that's about the last I can think of to stop any surprises. Though id like to gather opinions on Wikipedia. ps: If you have an idea for a new position, coloring, or sizing of something anywhere in the wiki, I can probably make it happen. ~Dantman(talk) Apr 6, 2007 @ 18:28 (UTC)
Hey, could you include this code in your monobook.css and tell me what you think about the tab coloring now? I think I made it more accessible and viewable. I used some colors from the logo actually: ~Dantman(talk) Apr 6, 2007 @ 19:28 (UTC)
@import "/index.php?title=User:Dantman/StyleTesting.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css&templates=expand";
For a little test, can you tell me if the Main Page looks better now without the Titlebar? Tell me if there are any other pages you think fit in better without it. ~Dantman(talk) Apr 6, 2007 @ 21:18 (UTC)

New Name, Info Pages, and Updates

Just as a note, the Wikia Anime Project has now decided on it's final name and changed to that name ahead of time because it's nearly impossible to change all the name references later on. The new name is the Wikia Graphical Entertainment Project. It's a good name which covers all 4 corners of the project (and also leaves room for a possible 5th point of Games... Most likely a section for Visual Novels, and other large games which have a lot of crossover into Anime, Manga, Comics, and Cartoons).

Also there are some information pages you can look over the What will happen? guide is good for most of the questions a wiki has before it things of joining the project. There are actually 2 other Wikia which are close to joining, one which has a fair community, so it's safe to say that sooner or later the project will have editors looking into other wiki in the project. I don't have info yet on how widespread it will be in the project, but I'm working on a DataTables extension which can be used to store information in a table like structure. Something like that could potentially be used to create a list of things, such as episode lists, series lists, character lists, and even lists of the enemies and chips. And the nice thing is that data can be outputted into articles in various ways, even including the ability to output that information to a single template, or use that table to create a automatic list page, like a episode list page which doesn't need to be edited.

Also just a warning, but Wikia is upgrading it's wiki from 1.9.3 to 1.10a starting slowly with the smaller wiki first. The InuYasha Wiki already has it, and there are some advantages and disadvantages. Some things such as Makesysop are broken. But also things like image tagging and an autocomplete for the search now exist. They are also coming out with a new skin, it looks a little interesting, but some of .js is going to half to be redeveloped, because while users can still stick to Monobook, and all of you who already have accounts will still have Monobook showing, all the new users and anon users will be seeing the new skin. So my demo of a new site style at Main Page/1 will work for the current skin, though I'm going to half to work on a new CSS base for styling the new skin, perhaps some feedback about that demo would help see how the scheme can be better applied to the new skin. ~Dantman(talk) Apr 27, 2007 @ 09:14 (UTC)

I found some Freely licenced Mega Man Helmet icons. Because of this pretty soon the WGEP will probably have a few nice Userboxes about Mega Man, with graphics! Though please note that actually, the images you currently have uploaded to the MMKB cannot be used in userboxes. They are Fair use images, which means use of them on Userpages, in Templates, and in Userboxes is Illegal. But the icons I found are Artistic-2 licensed so they can be used. ps: Remember that all userboxes in the WGEP are shared, and same goes for images which they use. So if this gets sorted out at any time, then those images and userboxes will show up here; Plus you can use them on any other wiki in the WGEP. Though please note that for the bots to do that megaman needs to be added to the Anime:Project:Bots/Wiki page which defines what wiki the bots copy to. Because of this if the userboxes start to get copied over, the other bots will also start copying the standardized things to the wiki. ~Dantman(talk) Apr 29, 2007 @ 16:26 (UTC)
I'm new to this Wiki, but I've been part of Wikipedia for a while and am an Administrator on WikiKnowledge. Anyway, I really like the Wiki you all have going here since I have been a fan of the Rockman/Mega Man series since it started here in the States in 1987- I have nearly every game in the series, even some of the lesser-known and hated games (the PC games and the WonderSwan ones as well). More to the point, however, I think that this project doesn't really need to become part of another larger project as I think it can stand on its own. However, where this Wiki will gain from "merging" (or essentially being linked on a grand-scale from what it sounds like) will be in publicity, because let's face it- this place isn't advertised nearly as well as it should be and is mostly a fan project (I wish it would be more open to a larger base of video gamers myself). Regardless of whether or not this project becomes part of WGEP, I think it needs to be beefed up a bit. What do I mean by this? I think it could use some more in-depth "story" sections for the games, more information on the Robot Masters and characters in each game, and mini-walkthroughs (what to use on each Robot Master, a-la Strategy Wiki), etc. To give you a couple of examples on what could be done, here's a link to my work on WikiKnowledge for Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future, and the Mega Man Timeline. --Brahman 05:06, 2 May 2007 (UTC)
Just a big update. The AliceSoftWiki has decided to join the WGEP. Because of this the WGEP is now in phase 1.1, if you're wondering what the change is; The project now encompasses Visual Novels and Animanga related games. If you're wondering what I mean by Animanga related games, I mean any game which was adapted from an Animanga series, or adapted into an Animanga series. In other words Megaman now fits directly within the scope of the WGEP because Megaman has been adapted into a number of Animanga series. There's also a possibility that the project may accelerate it's phases strait to the end (Meaning Manga, Cartoons, and Comics may become part of the project very soon) because someone from the Nickelodeon wiki was saying that it would be nice if that wiki became part of the WGEP. ~Dantman(talk) May 15, 2007 @ 08:59 (UTC)
At Brahman; I'm going to work on the story sections and more for the games in a few days... Just wait. Blade (TALK) May 26, 2020 @ 10:42 (UTC)
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