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This is kind of a random post, but maybe not...Anyway, I was looking through the site Mechanical Maniacs and came across another obscure, but officially licensed Rockman game (that only came out in Taiwan) known as Rockman Gold Empire. The game seems to have been released in 1999 only in Taiwan for Windows 98 and was essentially a "sequel" of sorts to Wily and Right's Rockboard. It's kind of like Monopoly meets Sim City and the reviewers on the website seem to have enjoyed the game except for the fact that its in Chinese and they can't understand 99% of it. Still, they say that it's much less rare than Rockman Strategy and that its actually possible to find this game on eBay.

Also, as a side-note, I saw Rockman Strategy on eBay about two weeks ago! However, it sold for about $220.00 USD, and I wasn't online when the auction was ending to put any last-minute bids in on it. --Brahman 19:53, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

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