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Does any body know where the classic Megaman games are centrally located? In what country? Because from the anime that I've watched in Japanese it seems that Megaman is from the US and in the American versions they never mention what origin he comes from. The games never tell us either. I'm writing a Megaman book well actually a few for each game based off each game. I want to get them published, but I'm going threw Capcom first to make sure its alright... I've done my research I've been a Megaman fan since I was 6 and I still yet to know what country hes from @_@ Please can some one help me out. --XeroNecross‎

Light Labs is located in USA, as seen in the stage select screen of Mega Man 8. The stages the Robot Masters appear are in several locations (most unknown) like USA, Russia (Dr. Cossack), and even in space! --Quick 22:54, September 19, 2009 (UTC)

ALRIGHT! Thank you!

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