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In the beginning they where good friends,

But Rush liked to scare Mega Man,

And Mega Man started being mean to Rush,

Very mean.

After some time, their period of use had expired and Dr. Light happily sent the two to scrap, so he could have some peace to create a new robot to replace them.

This short and very useful biography was brought to you by this channel that I forgot the name.

Images source: The Arcade Flyer Archive.

Strange images, aren't they? Poor Rush... --22:57, 6 December 2008 (UTC)

Wow...Anyway, I don't think they were scrapped, but even if they were, it certainly was not before Dr. Light started his work on X (he probably started working on him in the early-2010s or so, which would mean that he scrapped Rush about a year after making him or so?), and I doubt he scrapped them anytime right after finishing X (roughly 2016). Perhaps he deactivated them at some point and had them donated to the Robot Museum (that's one theory), but we don't really know right now... --Brahman 22:06, 7 December 2008

I think Quint from MM II (GB) WAS Mega from the future and since his wereabouts are unknown now and he didn't go back to his time, this'll prolly explain his disappearance. Rush, on the other hand, most likely scrapped.

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